Well, it's that time of the year again. Time to think about goals and resolutions and the such. Well, I've been thinking about mine and once again, they seem to be along the same lines as last year. And the year before. And the year before that.... Seems to me that I make a goal, start out well, but as the year slowly fades into well, February, the goals are already put on the back burner. (And I'm one of "those" people who can't exercise (or whatever it may be) the rest of the week if I miss Monday.) So I've decided to try things a little different this year. 21 days to make a habit (2 to break it), okay, I'm aiming for it! I am going to make monthly goals. I'm going to start out small. Easy ones. Ones I should be doing in the first place. And as the next month nears, evaluate how things are going. And slowly work my way into my ultimate goals, which, ultimately are how I want to live my life. Of course I may throw in some "single" goals like, read a book, organize a room, whatever, but for the most part, my goals reflect what I want my life to be like. How I want to live. I want to be more spiritually in tune. I want to be healthy. I want to spend more quality time with my kids, be a better mom and wife. I want to be more organized. I want to be on top of our finances and prepared for the future. I want to be better. (Come on, who doesn't? Who thinks, Dang, I wish I didn't read the scriptures so much. I wish I didn't work out all the time. I wish I wasn't such a good person?) Anyhow, writing this down is the first step (posting for all to see should be another step, right?). Step two (or three, depending on how you look at it), follow through. Every month. If I screw up, I can start over. And I don't feel like I have to wait until "next year" to try again.


christmas 2008

Another great Christmas! We traveled up to Sheridan, WY to spend the holiday with Joey's Dad and family. This is our first trip up there since we moved to Colo Springs and added another carseat to the car, so it was a little longer (about 9-10 hrs, thank goodness for the DVD player!) and a little tighter. But despite the howling winds-both ways (we saw 5 semi trucks tipped over on our way back, 4 of them just south of Cheyenne) and frigid temps (Sheridan had highs of below zero for numerous days-made the 30 degree weather we came back to feel like a heat wave) we really did have a great time! Oh and FYI, we got gas for $1.23 and later saw it for $1.17....

Well, Santa came! Must have followed the reindeer food we sprinkled out in the snow.... Ate ALL the cookies but only drank some of the milk. Left the girls just what they wanted. A Barbie Townhouse and a Mickey and Minnie (yes, "Santa" had to scramble when Reganne suddenly started saying she wanted a Mickey from Santa...) and lots of fun stuff in their stockings. They got lots of other neat stuff from us and Grandpa and Chris (Dave's girlfriend). A little too much for Reganne. She still had a few presents left when she decided she didn't want to open any more and wanted to "just play."

As for Joey and me, well.... We sat around and ate and ate and ate. Just before leaving I reached my first weight loss goal of 10 pounds and got my hair cut! Good thing I cut it then, because I honestly gained 5 pounds in just the week we were there! Uh, yikes! But who can resist rib eye steaks and prime rib with horseradish sauce and a smoked turkey (all cooked by Dave)? Uh, not me! And then all the baking Chris did.... Add that to temps so cold the package of wipes I had in the car that was in the garage froze solid (in addition to our emergency jug of water) and well, you get a bunch of lazy snackers just hanging out. Although, I did get a really nice spa massage while I was there. And Chris and I were going to go to Billings, MT the day after Christmas for some fun shopping, but we got hit with another snow storm so that didn't happen. But the time just flew by. Before we knew it, it was time to go. And we even stayed an extra day!

We made it home last night and one of the first things we did - put together the crib for Christian. Yes, he is closing in on 6 months and is still sleeping in the cradle next to our bed. That isn't such a big deal, but after bunking in a room with him in a crib, Reganne in the Elmo toddler bed and Marryn in a sleeping bag on the floor, we were ready for a peaceful night's sleep. I never realized how noisy the kids sleep. They'd wake us up, wake each other up. It was a little rough some nights. So last night was the first night in almost 6 months that it was just Joey and I. But I have to admit, it was a little bittersweet. Christian slept great though. The crib is crammed in with the guest bed (we have some more organizing to do with the rooms still) but he didn't get up until 6:30ish. And Joey, the good father and husband that he is, was the one to get him (he actually always is the one to get them...I tend to sleep through their cries...). And since we've been putting Christian to bed earlier, as in 9ish not 12ish, he's been getting up earlier...but he always goes back to sleep with me after I nurse him-we both do, so I can't complain too much.


kids really can sleep anywhere

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, naptime and bedtime with Reganne has been a little rough without the 'plug'. She fights us so much, that we often skip the nap, and by bedtime, she's so tired, but refuses to go to bed...

Joey had been trying to get her in bed and she would just scream and fight him. Well, he gave up. I was downstairs nursing the baby, so when I was done, I went up, put Christian in the cradle and then went into the girls' room. Marryn started yaking a million miles a minute, telling me something about how she was trying to help Reganne into bed and then I realize that yes, Reganne was asleep. She was standing up, asleep. It was so strange/funny/cute. And as she stood there, she'd start to lean back to one side, her back leg bending, then suddenly, it'd catch her, straighten up and push her back upwards! Although, when we actually put her into bed, her eyes popped right open and I had to lay there with her for quite awhile until she drifted back off.

She really has had a couple of rough nights though. Yesterday I found her in her bathroom, with Marryn's sample of mouth rinse from the dentist, empty, in the sink.

"Did you drink this?"
"Yes, I drink it."
"Did you spill it down the sink?"
"Yes, I spill it down sink."

This went on a few times before I gave up and just called the poison center. (All the while, Christian is screaming in the background...the lady asked if that was her - the one who swallowed the mouthwash, but oh no, that's my other baby - I'm surprised she didn't have someone come take my kids from me...) Fortunately the bottle was only half full, which was about .5 fluid ounces, so she said not to worry and just have her drink milk. Yeah right. Reganne drink milk...not happening. Not even with a ton of chocolate. I did trick her into a few drinks, but then she got too smart for me.

Well, later that night, she comes into our room and Joey takes her back to her bed only to bring her back. Yes, she had puked in her bed. Not too bad, but yes, it was pink...like pink bubblegum mouthwash pink? Oh yeah. We kept her with us and she was fine the rest the night.

So then this morning, Marryn wants some milk. I pour her some only to realize that yes, the milk is bad. Oops. And now, (yes I know, there's more to this horrible story!) her nose is running. She's getting a couple of molars.

This should make for some more fun times!


laughing boy

Okay, so this is Christian, at 5 months, laughing.
I took these with my camera video option and the quality isn't that great. That and I had the camera turned sideways in the first one...
(Scroll to the bottom of the blog to pause the music.)



Late Saturday afternoon we took the kids out to Castle Rock to see Santa. (Yes, there were plenty of Santas here, but I needed to return something at the Outlets...and of course, buy stuff too!) Marryn was so, SO excited! A few days earlier she had even wrote him a letter, tucked it in an envelope and stuck a stamp on it (luckily, it was only a 2 cent one...). As we waited in line, she'd get so excited as he came out to greet the next child in line. We took a guess that Reganne would not go to him, since she has been our more timid child. Wrong. When it was our turn, Reganne went right up to him and gave him a hug. Marryn, well, she shyly handed him her letter and barely said two words, and said them barely over a whisper! Funny how that worked out. At least there was no tears from anyone. Even Christian sat on his lap for the picture (yes, he looks frightened, but they just kept "missing" his smile). Oh and his hat. Yes, I was an awful mom and didn't bring any hats or gloves for anyone (except myself). I wasn't even thinking that we'd be waiting outside. But I found his hat on clearance at the Gap Outlet (my most favorite store ever!) and got it for him for next year, although it fits him pretty well now.... We thought it looked so funny and cute that we decided to keep it on him for the picture. Overall though, the girls were very excited they got to see Santa.
FYI- Marryn asked for a Barbie house (good thing Santa shops at Cosco...) and Reganne asked for a new plug. That would be her pacifier that we recently took away. While she was sleeping, I snipped off the nipple part then left the it there for her to find. She was so, so sad when she woke up. She kept saying, "My plug is broken. My plug. I need a new one." Later when Joey asked her what she was going to ask Santa for she said, "My plug." If she actually told Santa that, we don't know for sure, but we're going to say no...Santa WILL NOT be bringing her a new pacifier. (She's been looking a little buck toothed lately and her dentist said (last week when she went) that once she quits the pacifier, her teeth should go back. At least we really really hope so!) But oh, have naptime and bedtime been awful. She use to go get in bed (or a bed when she was in the crib) with some books and her plug. ALL ON HER OWN. Now, it's a fight. But she's a big girl now. Big girls sleep in big beds, don't have a plug and will soon get to wear underwear....

christmas letter 2008

Seasons Greetings 2008!
Well, we kind of skipped out on last year’s Christmas Card and Letter, but this year we’ve had some big changes to report. This past Spring we moved! Joe’s company transferred him two hours south to Colorado Springs. Everything was paid for, we sold our house AND purchased another new home! Such a great blessing. And although we miss Fort Collins, we are loving our new life in the Springs.

And just 6 weeks after moving, we welcomed a sweet healthy baby boy!

Christian David was born July 12 weighing 8 lbs 7 oz and was 21 inches long. He was induced just a little early (due to past complications) and everything went really well! Christian has been a great addition to our family and having a boy is so much fun already! Even his big sisters adore him, although he’s not always so sure of the attention…

Reganne turned 2 just before Halloween and has been such a joy. Her speech has really picked up and her favorite phrase at the moment is “Oh my goodness!” She is definitely our tall one (already outgrowing most of Marryn’s old size 2 clothes!) and is definitely our shy one (really struggles going to Nursery on Sunday). And she loves “guacamolĂ©!”

Marryn turned 4 in September and is already packing her bag for Kindergarten! We weren’t able to get her into a preschool this year and she is really missing it. Missing the friends that is, for she is our little social butterfly and looks forward to Primary all week long! Otherwise she has taken on the duties of teacher, teaching herself how to write all the upper and lowercase letters!

Kelsey is keeping busier than ever, with a new home, new baby and 2 other kids at home. But she is loving every minute of it (well, mostly). Scrapbooking has taken a backseat but she does keep up a family blog (joeandkelsey.blogspot.com) that we’d like everyone to stop by and visit, keep up with us yearly.

Joe is doing well as always. Working hard at his job as a Financial Analyst and helping out at home as much as he can. Which, of course, usually involves watching sports with the kids, but he sometimes throws in playing Barbies or Ponies with the girls… He sure was excited to have a boy!

Overall our family has been great, looking forward to another year together. We hope this Holiday Season finds everyone doing well and we look forward to hearing from all you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Polls


christmas decorating

I love to decorate for Christmas (who doesn't??)! And this year I had so much fun in our new home. For the first time I got to decorate stairs (ooohh) and a fireplace mantel (aaahh). I even got to hang stockings! I just love the look of greenery with little white lights. Joey always says I'm so boring ("Where's the big BIG colored lights?"), but I prefer the simplicity and elegance the white gives off. And the presents. Oh, it was so much fun to wrap the presents this year. Last year our tree (the first year we had this tree (an After-Christmas-$10-Special), we were using a 2 foot tall one...) looked so bare because all the presents were really little, wrapped up individually. So this year I stuck some of the presents into bigger boxes to help fill the void under the tree. I just love how it turned out! (And yes I've already been made fun of, twice. I know it was a waste of paper, but we do plan on recycling it all....) It has also helped detract the little one...a little. Marryn and I had wrapped up Reganne's present from Marryn one night (a Tinkerbell phone) after she went to bed. The next morning Reganne comes into our room saying, "My Tinkerbell phone! My Tinkerbell phone!" Joey and I shot straight up and sure enough, she had the phone, unwrapped, in her hand. I ran downstairs to check the rest of the presents (I had wrapped up some of Marryn's after Marryn went to bed), but luckily, she had only picked out the one to open. But then a few mornings later (oh the joy of her not being in a crib anymore!) I came downstairs to find another present unwrapped. But this time she unwrapped a 'Christmas light box' and stopped at that. Good thing too. The Tinkerbell phone I rewrapped and hid (obviously not very well) back under the tree was found again, sitting next to the unwrapped box. Still wrapped this time though. Maybe that was one present I should have stuck into another box....

Some of my other favorite things. Our Advent Calendar. I made it last year (from a Making Memories kit) and we love it! Every night we open a drawer, read a special Christmas scripture and then the girls each get a piece of chocolate. And then there is the "smell" of Christmas. I would love to have a fresh tree, for the smell! So instead, I melt my little tart candles. Aaaaah.

And last, but most importantly, our Nativity Set. My mom gave me this set last year (it was one from my childhood). I like it, but it's missing a few things... We have another one too (features the characters from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever). It's really cute, but most pieces are broken (?) and again, not the traditional Nativity Set I'm looking for. So that is my goal for the next year(s). To find the "perfect" Nativity Set. And a place to put it. We're really short on display space-our only spot is the table behind the couch (with the JOY candle holder on it), but you really can't see anything on it. So for now, this is our Nativity Set. Our gentle reminder of what we are truly celebrating throughout this time of the season. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


christmas pictures

How hard is it to get three kids to look good for just one picture???
Too hard!
Just too dang hard!

Marryn was great. Every picture was just about perfect. She's my photogenic chic right now. Reganne. Well. She wasn't so great. I really didn't like any of her pictures. And then Christian. Oh, my adorable little babe! There were a good amount of cute pictures of him, as well as some not so cute....

****No, I didn't take the pictures, I went to a studio. I wanted a solid white background and don't have one... and I didn't think my black background would look so good. Marryn might look like a floating head....****


pink to purple

The girls have a room, finally!

In our last home, I went all girly with the girls' room. Pink. And I mean pink. I found a really cute pink and brown butterfly crib bedding set and just went off of that. It worked out great and I loved it! (Well, as much as I can love pink, but I thought, hey, I might not ever get to do all pink again, you never know with girls....) I was able to purchase blankets and sheets separately, and since Marryn was sleeping on the toddler bed (with a crib mattress...), everything coordinated.

Well, for Christmas, Grandpa Dave (Joey's Dad) purchased the girls twin beds! So I have finally been able to put the girls' room together. I had purchased the duvet covers and shams (loved the "cool" colors) off of eBay really cheap (they're PB Teen) before we moved in hopes that we'd get some twin beds. Well, after moving and using up every extra dollar we had on other stuff, we realized that wasn't going to happen. Then Dave asked what the girls needed for Christmas. Well, they really needed some beds (we were alternating between a crib, toddler bed and queen bed). So I got to work, searching out beds. I originally wanted white beds and some day a white dresser (the dresser actually goes with the crib), but I just couldn't find what I wanted. I looked at bunk beds (that would separate into two beds for now-yes, I'm a paranoid mother...) but they just weren't "right." Then I came across these beds. The perfect design! I wanted a simple, platform like bed - no box spring, no dust ruffle. And then as I thought about it, the dark espresso looked better with the bedding and because of space issues (the room is really really small, only about 10x9.5 feet), the tall dresser would have to stay in their room. So these were it! And oh, do I love them! The room is a little tight, but they only sleep there, so not a huge deal. The girls love them too. Reganne looks so tiny, but hasn't fallen off once. Marryn has. But not while sleeping. The bed by the window is hers, but the past few nights the bed was pushed away from the window (waiting to get a child lock for the window-that paranoid mother in me again-and also needed a vent reflector-the bed sits over the vent). So one night she hopped up on the bed and leaned a little too far back and flipped right off. She cried. I laughed.... The room could still use some finishing touches, but that will just have to wait. (But I don't think I'll paint it. The "antique white" matches great!) For now the girls have their own beds in their own room. Marryn even made a sign, all on her own, for the door. (It's her standard "family" picture. Christian is laying down (next to her name), Reganne has the curly hair, as do I, Marryn has straight hair and Dad is the one with big ears (?).)


snow day (x2)

Thanksgiving night we got a fairly decent amount of snow. So Friday the girls got to play in their first snow of the season!

Notice how the snow is only in the shade.

Then last night we got a TON of snow (a foot in some places). We girls had a blast playing in it today.

I may never complain of our partially sloped backyard again!
View of Pikes Peak (and our neighbors) from our backyard (at least our yard isn't that sloped!)
"Come on Marryn, pull me! No? Fine, I'll go myself."

Marryn's Snow Garden * Reganne's Snow Castle
Yes, those are weeds and dead "flowers" picked from the neighbor's yard.
And what? You can't see the Snow Castle??? ;)