christmas letter 2008

Seasons Greetings 2008!
Well, we kind of skipped out on last year’s Christmas Card and Letter, but this year we’ve had some big changes to report. This past Spring we moved! Joe’s company transferred him two hours south to Colorado Springs. Everything was paid for, we sold our house AND purchased another new home! Such a great blessing. And although we miss Fort Collins, we are loving our new life in the Springs.

And just 6 weeks after moving, we welcomed a sweet healthy baby boy!

Christian David was born July 12 weighing 8 lbs 7 oz and was 21 inches long. He was induced just a little early (due to past complications) and everything went really well! Christian has been a great addition to our family and having a boy is so much fun already! Even his big sisters adore him, although he’s not always so sure of the attention…

Reganne turned 2 just before Halloween and has been such a joy. Her speech has really picked up and her favorite phrase at the moment is “Oh my goodness!” She is definitely our tall one (already outgrowing most of Marryn’s old size 2 clothes!) and is definitely our shy one (really struggles going to Nursery on Sunday). And she loves “guacamolé!”

Marryn turned 4 in September and is already packing her bag for Kindergarten! We weren’t able to get her into a preschool this year and she is really missing it. Missing the friends that is, for she is our little social butterfly and looks forward to Primary all week long! Otherwise she has taken on the duties of teacher, teaching herself how to write all the upper and lowercase letters!

Kelsey is keeping busier than ever, with a new home, new baby and 2 other kids at home. But she is loving every minute of it (well, mostly). Scrapbooking has taken a backseat but she does keep up a family blog (joeandkelsey.blogspot.com) that we’d like everyone to stop by and visit, keep up with us yearly.

Joe is doing well as always. Working hard at his job as a Financial Analyst and helping out at home as much as he can. Which, of course, usually involves watching sports with the kids, but he sometimes throws in playing Barbies or Ponies with the girls… He sure was excited to have a boy!

Overall our family has been great, looking forward to another year together. We hope this Holiday Season finds everyone doing well and we look forward to hearing from all you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Our Family Happenings said...

I love your pictures...way cute!

Kim said...

Once again, Great photo's! Did you take those?

Koenig Family Blog said...

SO cute! I hope you had a merry christmas! :)