what they say

*Marryn and Reganne* (May 10)
M-"Daddy, will you watch my cereal so it doesn't get soggy?"
Dad-"It's going to get soggy no matter what."
R-"Don't worry Marryn, I'll watch your cereal so it doesn't get soggy."

*Reganne* (Feb 10)
"I do not like broccoli. When I get big like Marryn, I will. But today, I am little."

*Marryn* (Feb 10)
"We're sisters and friends. Remember?"

*Reganne* (Dec 09)
After Marryn tells her she's crazy, she says quite forcefully, "I'm not crazy. I'm bootiful!" (as in beautiful...;)

*Reganne* (Nov 09)
Walking in on a conversation between her and Marryn, "You know what Grandma would say, 'That's noise pollution.'" (And said very matter of fact-ly.)

*Reganne* (Aug 09)
We have a habit now when the kids are whining for something ("I want..."), we say, "Well, I want a million dollars." So Reganne asked for some of my food. I told her "I want you to eat what you have", she then said, "Well, I want a million dollars."

*Marryn* (Aug 09)
When I asked her to quit chatting and get to work, she asked me what chatting was. I told her it was another word for talking. She then said, "Why don't you just say talking." Then, soon after, she said, "You need to speak in English, because I don't know Spanish."

*Reganne* (Aug 09)
When the car windows were down, "Mom, turn off the wind."

*Reganne* (May 09)
When the shower water was too hot, "It's too spicy. Too spicy!"

*Marryn and Reganne* (Apr 09)
M-"Reganne's frusterating me!"
R-"Be quiet Marryn. Don't talk to me!"

*Marryn* (Apr 09)
"What if Dad didn't come home and just kept working so we could have lots of money to pay for lots of expensive stuff!" I then said that I'd miss Dad and what would you rather have, stuff or Dad? To which she replied, "Stuff."

*Marryn* (Apr 09)
While shopping she asked why I was buying Christian a sippy cup, and I said so he'd learn how to drink from some sort of cup to which she replied quite loudly, "Because he only knows how to drink from your booby."

*Marryn* (Jan 09)
When I asked her what she does that is nice, she thought for a second and then said, "Let's talk about this later."

*Reganne* (Jan 09)
Singing I Am a Child of God, "...kind and dear. Lead me, guide me, walk behind me..."

*Reganne* (Jan 09)
After eating a cookie, I told her to go wash her hands. She said "I already did." I then asked her, "With soap?" "No, I just licked 'em."

*Reganne* (Dec 08)
When Christian grabbed for something she had, "NO!...dang it boy...."

*Marryn* (Nov 08)
Playing Reganne's mommy, "You're the most boringest baby ever!"

*Marryn* (Nov 08)
After being a midnight visitor the past couple of nights, Joe asks her if she's going to stay in her bed, "Well, we're just going to have to wait and see."

*Marryn* (Oct 08)
Playing Superheros with Reganne, "Now you go save the world while I get ready."

*Reganne* (Oct 08)
After Marryn says her food is "Fan-Princess-Tastic" Reganne looks around, sees a box with Sesame Street on it and says, "It's Mickey-Mouse-Tastic!"

*Marryn* (Oct 08)
When the doorbell rang, "Mom, there's a Human at the door!"

*Marryn* (Sept 08)
Playing on the scale "Come on Reganne. Lets see how much your feet cost."