laughing boy

Okay, so this is Christian, at 5 months, laughing.
I took these with my camera video option and the quality isn't that great. That and I had the camera turned sideways in the first one...
(Scroll to the bottom of the blog to pause the music.)

2 happy thoughts:

Janis said...

Seeing Christian laugh as well as recent pictures of Marryn and Reganne, you and Joey are a wonderful Christmas gift! Merry Christmas with lots of love from Aunt Janis xoxo

Kim said...

He's so Cute! I LOVE the giggle of little babies!
Madalyn was playing across the room, and when I started playing this she stopped and came crawling over. She was trying to peek around the screen to see what it was, so I picked her up and she just sat and watched him and smiled. Now the whole time I have been typing this she is babbling back to him. To funny. They're little buddies even though they've never met.