28 at 28

So another birthday.

Instead of boring you all with how 28 doesn't seem old and how I don't really feel old, but the idea of being 28 is just so, well, old, I've decided to do a list. A list of 28 things. 28 random things I've learned, I love, I hate, I want, I wish, I know, whatever. Just a list of 28 things.

1. I hate mushrooms. As much as I wish I liked them and as much as I've tried to like them, I just don't.
2. I love cheese.
3. I'm a perfectionist.
4. I'm a procrastinator.
5. I'm indecisive. All 3 make for a very bad combo...
6. I daydream about how to make my house perfect, complete with pushing out walls, replacing baseboards and new furniture.
7. I also daydream about designing and building the perfect home.
8. I love to shop for my kiddos clothes. And as I've gotten smaller, I enjoy my own clothes shopping a little bit more.
9. I know that Heavenly Father loves me. And knows me, better than I know myself.
10. I know that life doesn't always go the way we want it to. Or think it should. Sometimes it's better.
11. I love babies.
12. I really love my own babies.
13. I've come to appreciate my curly hair.
14. I want to become a great sewer.
15. I will finish my nutrition degree. Someday.
16. I want to run again. And do yoga. And pilates.
17. I see alot of my mother in myself. And my dad.
18. I know that times gets faster with each passing year.
19. I am a night owl. Mornings are rough.
20. I am a homebody.
21. I wish I wasn't so shy and timid. Although I'm getting better.
22. I struggle with the idea of makeup. And I struggle with the idea that I really need it now.
23. I still love to watch Friends re-runs. And watch them often.
24. I know that my Savior lives.
25. I know that I am blessed. Blessed beyond reason.
26. I pray daily for happy thoughts. Verses fearful ones.
27. I love to swim.
28. I love my husband more, and differently, than I ever thought I would.


sweet birthday boy

One year old.
I can't believe how fast July 12th came along.
We had a little family party for him complete with a good ol' chocolate cake. That was a mess. He then opened a few presents. His favorite, probably his new basketball. Although the baseball came in a close second. Tied with the balloons;)
This little boy just lights up my world. He's a pro at crawling. Figured out the stairs the other night, just happened to be walking by and found him 4 stairs up, and LOVES to get into the plants. He's finally drinking somewhat from a sippy cup. His sisters still adore him as he does them. And his favorite toy? Balls! He's starting to cruise along the furniture, so it won't be long before he's really wrecking havoc on us all. I'm learning quite quickly that our home is not childproof. He has a few signs; more, eat, milk, ball and night-night. And he's got those most important sounds down too, ma, da, and ba (as in ball...;) He's become quite the chow hound interested to see if he's pulled himself out of the bottom of the percentiles. Loves his bananas, blueberries and cheese. Yes cheese-guess he really is my kid;)

And the girls finally got their tea set. The tea set I was saving as a surprise but had to tell Marryn about a few weeks ago to avoid an all out meltdown when I wouldn't buy her one at the store... We use it for pretend hot chocolate;)

On a last side note. I've pretty much lost all 50+ pounds this last year. I say almost because the scale says so, but not all my clothes do...


What were we doing on 7.8.09 at 10:11:12?
Getting out of the bath. Using his sister's towel. And eating lotion.
My poor little boy...

fourth and friends

We had a great Fourth of July. Brian and Brandony came down and celebrated with us. It rained almost all day which was alright with me, less chance of our neighbors setting our house on fire with all their fireworks. We decided not to try to find any firework shows and just hang out, setting off our own little ones. It was great. The kids loved it.
And no, that isn't poop we're burning, those are the snakes fireworks. Or *worms* as Marryn called them. They were her and Dad's favorites;)

seven years lucky

June 29th, 2009. Our 7th wedding anniversary.

Courtesy of Jean, for the tickets and watching the munchkins, we attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Way cool.

And the best part, besides seeing my dear friend Mickie:), after some mediocre applause when announcing the governors for both Colorado and Wyoming, it was announced that The President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was within our mists. There seemed to be a quiet gasp/hush as whisperings spread through the crowd and then there he stood, our dear Prophet, giving out some cute air punches. Everyone was on their feet cheering. It was great.

The concert itself was wonderful. The place, incredible. It was a great night.