captain america

this boy kills me with his cuteness.
yet all the same drives. me. crazy.
gets so excited over anything with superheros.
is picky about what he wears.
in desperate need of a haircut.  again.
thinks boy ballerinas are so silly.
and is almost completely potty-trained.
(days, since before he turned 3, nights...so close.  i hope.)


the glare

he's been practicing many looks these days.
this one's fun because even if he really *means* it, 
it's usually followed by his fun little laugh.


while the girls are away

the boys play.
in their jammies.

  the boys and i have been having some fun while both girls are at school.
we still miss them,
we're just making the most of out time together.
although our little tramp will be out of commission for awhile.
our first big snow came today.