mother's day

Jean [Joey's Mom] just emailed these pictures to us. I think it was on Mother's Day, back in May at least. I'm always the one taking the pictures, and when I'm not, they never turn out (turn out of me that is). But I really like this one. It's a shame my "moody girl" isn't smiling (what a surprise), but I love it all the same. Thanks Jean, for taking such a nice picture of me and my girls!

crab and shrimp

I bought these 2 shirts at Old Navy (on clearance!) earlier this spring.
So fitting...

Marryn is such a moody girl at times. One minute happy and smiling, the next, in tears. Like today, she spilt a small container of tortilla chips while trying to climb onto a chair. END OF THE WORLD! After I showed her how she could pick them back up, she was good as new. She has been getting better. I try my best (as much as my patience will allow) to explain how things "bad" happen (and "good" things don't) and it's alright, and normal, all the while trying to sympathize with her as well. It's a tough task. I mean, how many times can I allow her to change her shirt when she spills water on it? (I've tried to explain that water will dry and water is how we clean clothes, but that's another story....) Maybe she's been watching too much Angelina Ballerina, now that is a moody mouse!
Reganne too is finding her place in the world, and unfortunately, it's not easy. She just wants what Marryn has. Or what Marryn can get. Or what Marryn just took away from her.... (I guess that goes for what Joey {the remote-as he just now complained to me} and I and anyone else has as well.) I watched her today get up so tall on her tiny little tippee toes, reaching so hard for a container of Marryn's paint brushes. Just out of her reach. Oh, was she ever frustrated! Over and over, we find her doing that, reaching for ANYTHING she can get a hold of. And when she succeeds, what a happy baby! I hope this doesn't become her lot in life, always wanting what her big sister has, and always being just a bit too small...


9 months

So, Reganne is nearing her 10 month mark and I have yet to get her "9 month portraits" done. With Marryn I was so faithful in taking her to a studio at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 months. They were pretty descent pictures, but not exactly what I really wanted and they cost a ton! So back when Reganne was 6 months, I set her up one day and took some pictures of her. I loved them so much that I decided not to do the studio thing and just take them myself.

Well at 6 months, she was just starting to sit...at 9 months she very much mobile. I've tried on a couple occasions to get some pictures and it is just not working! Most of them turn out blurry as she's crawling away...but I have gotten some really funny ones.

Today was an overcast day, so thinking I'd seize the moment and take Reganne outside I rushed to get her dressed as Marryn was staring out the window telling me the dark clouds are coming. And you know what dark clouds mean. Rain. As soon as I opened the door, it came pouring down. Maybe tomorrow...

scrapbook gallery

So, I've "discovered" a fun way to display all my many (ha, I wish) scrapbook pages. On our family blog! Maybe this will help me get going. Maybe. I'm going to post them here, in my 'Scrapbook Gallery', and I hope that from time to time new ones will find their way there...


why this blog

I started a blog months (a year?) ago, but never really got it up and going. But after viewing a couple friends' tonight, I got excited to start up again. I spend so much time on the computer anyhow, might as well make good use of it! Despite my best intentions, I rarely write anything down and the girls are just growing so fast, that I feel that I'm "missing" everything already. I love to scrapbook, yet, never really get around to it. So my hope is that, besides letting friends and family into our little everydays, our family blog will serve as our family journal. Something I can pull memories from to, one day, put into scrapbooks.