christmas 2008

Another great Christmas! We traveled up to Sheridan, WY to spend the holiday with Joey's Dad and family. This is our first trip up there since we moved to Colo Springs and added another carseat to the car, so it was a little longer (about 9-10 hrs, thank goodness for the DVD player!) and a little tighter. But despite the howling winds-both ways (we saw 5 semi trucks tipped over on our way back, 4 of them just south of Cheyenne) and frigid temps (Sheridan had highs of below zero for numerous days-made the 30 degree weather we came back to feel like a heat wave) we really did have a great time! Oh and FYI, we got gas for $1.23 and later saw it for $1.17....

Well, Santa came! Must have followed the reindeer food we sprinkled out in the snow.... Ate ALL the cookies but only drank some of the milk. Left the girls just what they wanted. A Barbie Townhouse and a Mickey and Minnie (yes, "Santa" had to scramble when Reganne suddenly started saying she wanted a Mickey from Santa...) and lots of fun stuff in their stockings. They got lots of other neat stuff from us and Grandpa and Chris (Dave's girlfriend). A little too much for Reganne. She still had a few presents left when she decided she didn't want to open any more and wanted to "just play."

As for Joey and me, well.... We sat around and ate and ate and ate. Just before leaving I reached my first weight loss goal of 10 pounds and got my hair cut! Good thing I cut it then, because I honestly gained 5 pounds in just the week we were there! Uh, yikes! But who can resist rib eye steaks and prime rib with horseradish sauce and a smoked turkey (all cooked by Dave)? Uh, not me! And then all the baking Chris did.... Add that to temps so cold the package of wipes I had in the car that was in the garage froze solid (in addition to our emergency jug of water) and well, you get a bunch of lazy snackers just hanging out. Although, I did get a really nice spa massage while I was there. And Chris and I were going to go to Billings, MT the day after Christmas for some fun shopping, but we got hit with another snow storm so that didn't happen. But the time just flew by. Before we knew it, it was time to go. And we even stayed an extra day!

We made it home last night and one of the first things we did - put together the crib for Christian. Yes, he is closing in on 6 months and is still sleeping in the cradle next to our bed. That isn't such a big deal, but after bunking in a room with him in a crib, Reganne in the Elmo toddler bed and Marryn in a sleeping bag on the floor, we were ready for a peaceful night's sleep. I never realized how noisy the kids sleep. They'd wake us up, wake each other up. It was a little rough some nights. So last night was the first night in almost 6 months that it was just Joey and I. But I have to admit, it was a little bittersweet. Christian slept great though. The crib is crammed in with the guest bed (we have some more organizing to do with the rooms still) but he didn't get up until 6:30ish. And Joey, the good father and husband that he is, was the one to get him (he actually always is the one to get them...I tend to sleep through their cries...). And since we've been putting Christian to bed earlier, as in 9ish not 12ish, he's been getting up earlier...but he always goes back to sleep with me after I nurse him-we both do, so I can't complain too much.

2 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

glad you had fun. You know it would have been warmer in Arizona.

Amparo said...

I love all the pictures! It was probably just as bad of weather here, so you did not miss much. Hope you and your family have a very prospersous new year!