one week (and 27 years)

Yesterday we celebrated week one with our precious baby boy. It's still surreal, but yet, so normal. I can't imagine, after just one week, not having him here with us. Although, I have great fears that within the coming weeks and months, something will go wrong (to back up my fears, not that I want to, a baby was recently lost to ACD [Landen's disease] after being home and fine for 2 months...something uncommon, but obviously possible). Joey has reassured me that he's fine, but that worry just will not go away. Nevertheless, I thank Heavenly Father for this special child and pray that he is here to stay.
3 days old

Yesterday we also celebrated my 27th birthday. Wow. Not to offend any of you who might be a bit older, but I seem so old! I don't feel old. In fact, I still feel like I'm barely hitting the "legal age." And 27 doesn't sound old. I think it's just that these past years have gone by so fast. And then I look at my children and just want them to stay just as they are, but yet, I get so excited when they learn something new and well just grow. I want time to stand still but yet, keep going. Is that possible? Anyhow.

Christian's labor went really well. In fact, overall, I will say it was the best labor and delivery I have had. We went in around 5:30 am (which was a stretch for me, as many who know, I am not a morning person), but the excitement and fear was enough to get me up and going. The nurse put in the IV, which was so smooth (the more I seem to experience something, the more I seem to fear it...) and then they started the petocin. Almost immediately the contractions started, but not very strong. Within a few hours, Joey suggested I get the epidural, before things got too uncomfortable (uncomfortable even to get one). I put it off for a bit longer, I wasn't really in alot of pain yet, but finally decided he was right. He has been through 3 deliveries too... Now, for those of you who do the natural labor, I salute you. I KNOW how painful it is, having been through 2 labors in great agony, I don't like pain. As I was mentioning earlier, the IV kind of freaks me out... So I geared up for the epidural and again, it was so smooth. (The only reason this birth beats out Marryn's is the epidural, for Marryn they had to bring in another anesthesiologist to try putting it in.) After that, Joey and I both took a nap before waking up to feeling the contractions on one side in one spot. That same spot I first felt them with Reganne's.... Called the nurse in, who called the anesthesiologist in, who gave me a little shot of extra "stuff". Worked like a charm. So then Joey headed out to get himself some food. The nurse came in soon later, the babies heart rate had sped up or down, I don't remember, but most likely from the "extra stuff" I had gotten. She check me, I was dilated to a 7. So she propped me up on my side, put me on oxygen (to give the baby a boost) and then had me call Joey back up. He has a bit freaked out when he came in, but all was fine. It wasn't long later they were calling in the doctor and within about 5 minutes, 2 contractions, baby Christian was out, 11:50 am. (Now, to go back to that pain stuff. Yes, his delivery was still painful. I still felt the pressure and burning, but it only lasted that short bit. I can deal with that.) They handed him up to me and I just started crying. He wasn't crying. I was trying not to freak out. Everyone (by everyone, I mean the pediatric nurse practitioner and respiratory therapist that was brought in because of our situation) kept telling me he looked great, but I was really freaked out. Landen didn't cry much. The girls screamed. But within minutes, he was crying. Not a ton, but he was breathing and crying. And nobody seemed panicked but me. They just kept guessing if he was going to weigh more than his sister (9 lb Reganne). And no he didn't. And no, he didn't have much hair either (the ultrasound lied). So he was fine. And I was fine, I tore, of course, but nothing else.
Baby in the Belly

Baby out of the Belly

Batman Baby(?)

I got to eat lunch soon after. Actually I got to eat 2 lunches. They mixed up my tray and had to remake my order, but I got to keep the first one too. And then we just hung out until my epidural wore off. They then moved me to Women's Care and we enjoyed the rest of the evening with our new baby boy and a steak and lobster "Celebration Dinner" (on the hospital). Christian slept great, going down for the night at midnight and not getting up until 6ish. Nursed well. I was really, really sore, but opted to go home the next day anyhow.

We brought him home and the girls have just adored him since. Even Reganne. We were a little worried about her (was sure she'd try to steal his plug, seeing that she still has hers...). We knew Marryn would be great, and she has, putting his plug back in when it would pop out, covering him up in his blanket, wiping up his spit up... Reganne just likes to sit in his carseat and swing in the swing. Although she pipes up everytime he cries, "Baby crying" with a sad look on her face. She did want to hold him once. And didn't want to give him up. It was so funny. She was sitting upright in our recliner, but as she held him, kept laying herself down and was soon "reclined" with her head up on one arm and her legs on the other. Jean took a bunch of pictures (I wasn't about to leave her alone to get my camera) so hopefully I can get some and post them. He is a great little baby, sleeps, nurses and poops. What more could we ask for!

Christian with Big Sis Marryn
As for me. I'm doing great. I seem to heal very well and quickly. In fact my mom called one day asking what I was doing,
"Should you be doing that?"
"Why not?"
"Well, you just had a baby a couple days ago."
"Oh, yeah..."
And yesterday (yes, on my birthday) I spent a good portion cleaning and vacuuming out our van, washing all the carseats and covers and resituating them to accommodate our newest member. (You would think that would be an awful way to spend a birthday, but when I got into the car later to go out to dinner, it made me so happy to see it all clean!) I've lost 25 lbs so far (of the stinkin' 50 I gained...urr) and will probably only drop another 5 within the next week or so, then it'll really slow down. I'd say I don't know why I gain so much (50, 40, 45 and now another 50) but then I realized, as I ate cookie dough out of the tub for breakfast, that I know exactly why I gain so much...
My surprise Cold Stone Cake (with cake batter ice cream, yum!)

The Best Birthday Present Ever!
Reganne dressed herself again (Dad's hat and socks, Reganne's bloomers)


Christian David Poll
July 12, 2008
8 lbs 7 oz, 21 inches


random pictures

I've been talking alot about the pregnancy and baby lately, not that it isn't important, but I thought I'd share a few pictures and stories of the girls, who are just as important, before everything changes....

Where's Reganne?
There she is!

Marryn LOVES to shower in our shower. This was Reganne's first time and Marryn was showing her all the "cool" things about it.
Like, you can make handprints on the glass walls.
I got in with them, cleaned them up and then sent them on their way in their towels. I usually do this for Marryn and she gets herself lotioned and dressed. Reganne decided to do the same...
(Yes, they are on backwards as well.)
Ah, that's better. All dressed.
Time to dance!

And play Ring Around the Rosies!

Oh, you're hurt? Here, let me give you a kiss.
Come on Marryn, lets play some more or I'll tickle you!
We love our new Organic Teddy Bears!

So this last picture, of Marryn posing, brings me to a quick story. As mentioned earlier, Marryn loves to shower in our shower. One day, I sent her upstairs to get undressed while I finished up something. When I came up, I found her naked, standing on the tub surround, dancing. And, watching herself in the mirror. She had a "special dance" she said. She'd put her hands on her hips and shake them, turn around and kick her leg. I asked her where she learned to dance like that, "Grandma Georgia" (and in that tone that was like, "duh Mom"). Thanks Mom. Our 3- year old has discovered her calling in life....


baby update #3

Had my 39 week appointment on Monday. Again, not much has really changed, but we did set an inducement date for this Saturday, July 12.

I'm a bit worried about being induced. I had a really rough time with Reganne. And kind of the same situation, I was due on Tuesday (currently due next Tuesday) but opted to be induced the Saturday before. Everything was fine, was given pitocin, was slowly dilating, got my epidural and then suddenly started to have some pain on one side. The nurse checked me and I was only at a 5, so she suggested I roll to that side. The pain just got worse and worse and 15 minutes later she checked me again to find that I was fully dilated and ready to deliver! No time for anything. Not even time for my midwife to get there! She had to call out into the hall to get someone in there to help! I only pushed for about half an hour, but oh, was it hell. Reganne came out fine, didn't get stuck or anything, but sure did a number on my cervix. I remember when they delivered her they put her up on my chest, but I'll tell you what, that was the last thing I wanted. I was trembling so bad. After they got me drugged up and numb again, then was I able to pay attention to her. They spent alot of time trying to stitch me up (and restitch me up...). They almost took me to the operating room, but finally managed to do what they needed to. Then I was fine. Did stay in the hospital until that Monday, but otherwise healed up just fine. I talked later to my midwife about it and she explained that the petocin kicked in and because I've done this before, my body knew what to do and just did it so fast that the epidural couldn't "keep up."

So my delima was to be induced or not to be induced. I would be willing to wait until he "wanted" to come out, but if the ultrasound was right, almost 3 weeks ago he was measuring just about 8 lbs. Add the 1/2 lb he'd gain each week and that sets me up to have a pretty big kid. Especially if he didn't come for another 2 more weeks or so....

Marryn has been my only pleasant delivery. Because Landen's shoulders had gotten stuck (a whole other bad delivery story), they induced me really early with Marryn, only to have a 7 1/2 lb baby. Very nice. But who knows. I don't feel like this baby is super big or anything. But of course I never imagined Reganne would be 9 lbs. Maybe low 8, but not anything more.

The really nice thing about being induced is that we can be sure someone is here with the girls. Jean (Joe's mom) will come up from Loveland on Friday and stay through the weekend with the girls. My mom's in Arizona, a little bit further away, but hopefully she'll come up soon and stay for a week or so. And Joe also gets a week off (paid) for Paternity Leave, so that's really nice. Although if need be, he can also work from home. He just doesn't get as much done when he does that....


baby update #2

No baby yet, thankfully....

Had my 38 week appointment on Monday. Nothing new, nothing has changed. Going to wait another week and then probably schedule an inducement (hopefully for that Friday night/Saturday-easier on Joe's work schedule...) if he doesn't come before then. And based on my past, he won't.

Although we thought he might be coming last Saturday. That early afternoon I started having ALOT of contractions, although very irregular. Now, as any mother of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc babies will tell you, from about 3-4 months on, you get contractions. So having contractions, even strong ones was nothing new, but I was having alot of them. And in addition, I was also having tons of pressure in my pelvic bone. So I literally sat and watched TV all afternoon because it hurt to walk around. By that evening, the pressure was lifting and I got up to do some stuff (I figured if I prepared for the baby, he wouldn't come...). And just like that, the contractions eased up quite a bit. A sure sign it wasn't labor. On a sad note, Joey panicked and had his mom drive down from Loveland (she arrived around midnight) just in case. I told him to wait until the morning to see how I felt, but he was too worried. She then had to turn around and drive back the next day.

We really didn't want the baby to come on Sunday, or even near that date. It was our anniversary. What fun would that be, for any of us! And then we really don't want his birthday to be near 4th of July either...who wants to share a birthday with a holiday? Funny though, Reganne was due on Halloween. We felt the same about her too. Who wants their birthday overshadowed by another event? Sure everyone is celebrating and having parties, but it's not for you....