miss reganne

This girl is so hard to photograph.
And doesn't like to be photographed much either. 

Maybe it's her age, I don't know...

But while taking pics of our little Christian boy getting his hair wacked off (yes, I promise I'll get an after shot up soon), I turned and snapped a few of her watching. 

Couldn't believe I came away with this one.  (And even a couple others too.)

It's her. 
This is what we see everyday.

No weird smiles.
No tucked in lips.
No odd head tilts.
No hiding, refusing to look.

Just her.

And the beauty that she is.


it had to go

But I'm sure it'll grow back before we know it.

(I'll post an after shot soon...)


food revolution

You can't miss this.


tooth fairy

Yep, that's right.  We had our first ever visit from the Tooth Fairy.

She brought Marryn 2 half dollars.

And left the tiny tooth.

She'll probably be back in a couple of days.

some house projects

Well, as I mentioned awhile ago, I've been working a few little projects around the house.  I'm finding though that I am not so good at finishing what I start... 

Project 1: Hardware on our cabinets.

I started this in July, when Christian began to find interest in opening up our bottom cabinets and I needed to lock a few.  Instead of screwing locks onto the inside, I decided that I'd rather have some nice hardware with outside locks where needed.  {Only 2 are actually locked: under the sink (safety reasons) and our flour/sugar/oil one (mess reasons).}  I finished all the bottom ones that month and then the handles for the top cabinets sat in our garage until what, Febuary, when I finally pulled them out and finished.  I only had one major mess up-drilling into the wrong side of the cabinet...but I fixed it and you can barely tell.  (Thought Joey was going to shoot me though...)  And one is slightly crooked (dang it!)...but again, unless I point it out, nobody notices;).  And I kind of wish I would have gone with the longer handles.  They look really nice on the shorter bottom doors, but with our tall and skinny top cabinets, they're lookin' a little small...  Oh well.  They would have cost alot more and the ones I did go with were the largest that would fit in the little hardware-guide-thing I bought.

Project 2: Painting the Powder Bath and Laundry Room

Finally, some color in our house!  And then after I painted, I found some perfectly matching handtowels, with grey (my new favorite color;) and black at Marshalls.  I found the HIS and HERS prints at Michaels, but really struggled to find reasonable plain black and white frames that would fit them.  So I finally settled on these clearance ones.  Still have some work to do with the laundry part, but that's another day.  And another dollar (that we don't have;).  I even managed to get it all painted the day before our new washer and dryer arrived (of which I am lovin'!).  Of course Joe had a fit when he walked in on me standing on top of our old dryer trying to get parts of the ceiling painted.  What?  I was only, like, 8 months pregnant then;)

Was hoping to post a few more projects, but am not finished yet.  Surprise, suprise. So close to being done with the girls' room.  And am finally adding some colorful touches to the living room.  Hopefully I'll finish up before the baby comes....  I really REALLY want to paint.  Everything.  Am just so tired of staring at our yellowish walls and ceilings (everything is painted an antique white).  I just don't know how to change the wall color to something cooler (like a light grey;) without painting the entire ceiling too.  And our banister.  Looking a little rough.  Want to paint (or stain) it black.  And refinish and add to our hardwood floors.  And knock out our little half wall dividing the dining and living room.  And put in some nicer light fixtures.  And put up some craftsman style moldings and built ins.  And...yeah, my list goes on and on and on.  I've got big dreams for our little house.  Big dreams with no money and no skill;). 

But for now, I guess I'll settle for the little projects I can do.       


actually dressed

As I was looking over our blog, I realized something.  Just about every photo of Christian (even the ones on the scrapbook pages) has him in jammies (and mostly our favs, the monster ones from Grandma;)

I guess it is a good representation of our everyday lives. 

We don't get out too much.

So this morning as I was getting ready, to go out, believe it or not, Christian came up to join me (and make a mess with every move...a whole other post...) and I saw that for once, he was actually dressed.  So I did my best to snap a few photos to document that yes, in fact, I do dress my son, in real clothes, every once in awhile. :)


awesome blog music

I am the primary blogger.  The posts, the layout, the header, the pictures.  All me. 
But lately Joe has taken on a keen interest. 

Yes, this and the past 2 playlists have been created by him. 

So you might say this truly [one of Marryn's spelling words for the week] is a family affair;).

Vampire Weekend
The first song on this and the last playlist.
I think they're a favorite;).


"but mulan did"

Any guesses as to what exactly Reganne was referring to?

Yep, she did it. 
She chopped off (some of) her hair. 
But *lucky* for her, she's got her mom's hair. 
Doesn't really show...except for those short little bangs she gave herself, partially pulled back in the barrette...

And way to blame it on her favorite princess.
That dang Mulan.

spelling words

Since Marryn started Kindergarten, I have come to a conclusion (and one that I highly suspected).

Kindergarten is not what it use to be.

Her spelling words for last week:


At least she still gets snack time:)