oh happy day

I love tax season.  We usually get a pretty nice return. 
Which really means that we need to be claiming a little more...but it's just so nice to get a big sum at one time;)
So what did we do with it this year? 
(Apperently it was burning a hole in our my pocket...;)

A.  The Napa Table from World Market (with 2 chairs and 2 benches)


C.  A Samsung Washer and Dryer

Well, here's a hint;).

Oh happy day!!!

***Just to clarify, we ONLY got the washer and dryer;)***


Breath of Life Project

Here is a new website with info about Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia, Landen's disorder. 
On it is a little slideshow that shows different babies that have passed from it, along with our sweet little guy.


gettin' my craft on

I love to scrapbook.
I just never actually do it.
But after getting this incredible book, I was ready to go!
And this is what I have created.

  [Sorry, but these are not the best pictures...]
Soon to come, some projects I've been working on around the house...I just have to finish them...;)


food for thought

A video clip well worth watching.


snow shoot

Some more assignment pics-all unedited.

It had been snowing all day and then for just a while, the sky peeked out.

Reganne is not my most willing subject, but Marryn was at school and Christian was napping....  Probably didn't help that she was *cold* either. 
It wasn't THAT cold though;)

I really like the last photo.  I think it represents a good part of who she is. 


daily milk

Yes, once again, I have a child who refuses to drink milk.

Except when it's coming out of his cereal bowl.

But for the record, he does like cheese.  Unlike his sisters-one who loves both and one who hates both. 
I guess he gets it from me;).