We spent Thanksgiving with Dave {Joey's dad} in Sheridan, WY. Everything would have been great, but poor Marryn woke up on Thanksgiving with a pretty high fever. (Okay, so we never actually took her temp, but she was roasting!) She slept most the day, didn't eat and when we told her that I was going to stay "home" with her (vs going to Dennis and Musette's {Joey's uncle and aunt}), she got even more upset! "I want to go to the Thanksgiving Party!" she kept telling us. So we took her. There were quite a few people there (around 28 or so) and I'm sure they were all thinking why in the world did we bring her! Poor thing. She drank a few drinks of soda, ate half a Popsicle and then cried unless Joey or I were holding her. After taking shifts on dinner, she finally fell asleep. And all the while still insisting that she wanted to stay at the party.... Reganne was great. Kept herself entertained visiting everyone, eating anything anyone gave to her and wandering around the house. Reganne just had a blast the entire trip. LOVES her Grandpa! At one point Dave tried to hand her to me when he was headed out the door and she looked at me, thought for a second and grabbed back onto him! Didn't want to come to me! I don't think she's ever really done that. You'd think I'd be upset, but I love to see the girls adore their grandparents, especially when they don't get to see them all the time. Although Marryn woke up the next day feeling better, she still had a rough time. Would hardly eat anything but kept complaining that her stomach hurt and that she needed some more pink pills (the chewable Tylenol-not such a good idea to make medicine taste so good...). She would get almost unbearable to deal with until we would finally get some food in her, then she'd be herself for a bit. I left both the girls with Joey on "Black Friday" while I went to Billings, MT with Chris {Dave's girlfriend} and her daughter to do some shopping (sales tax free!). It was the first time he's been with them both all day without me. It was nice to see that they were all still in their pjs when I got home that night....

Chris and Dave with the girls*Joey with Dad and Brothers, Dave and B.J.*Reganne at Marryn's makeshift table (Marryn ran off crying when I pulled out the camera)


Halloween 2007

We had a fun Halloween. Marryn was a White Fairy and Reganne was a Girl Zebra (I stuck a big white bow in her mane). On Saturday our ward held it's annual Halloween Party. The girls loved the Trunk-or-Treating. Reganne really got into the "hold out your bucket and get candy" thing. On Tuesday Marryn got to wear her costume again to preschool for a little party there. Then on Halloween, I took them into Joey's work to Trick-or-Treat. Marryn really enjoyed this one but Reganne wasn't diggin' it this time. Although, while talking with a couple of Joey's co-workers, Reganne snuck about 6 snickers bars into her bucket. After that, we went to Qdoba for free kids meals and of course, double punch Wednesday. Then we headed home to get ready for another round. Jean [Joey's mom] came over and went with me and the girls while Joey stayed home to hand out candy (the candy the girls got earlier). After hitting our backyard neighbors Norm and Connie, we crossed the street to Brian and Brandony's [our best friends] in which, we left Reganne. Then we took just Marryn. After the very next house, "I want to go back to Brian and Brandony's now." No, not yet. After the next house, "Can I go back to Brian and Brandony's now?" No, lets get some more candy. And it continued on like this for quite awhile. We only went up on side of the street and back down the other side before ending back at Brian and Brandony's. And that was enough for Marryn. We then went home and handed out most of the candy she got, keeping only the good stuff. Reganne loves the candy. Whenever we get the bowl down, she gets all excited, "oohhing". It's really cute. And the candy is a good bribe for Marryn to, you know, eat her dinner, pick up her shoes, etc. I'm almost wondering if we kept enough...

turning one

Sunday, October 28th, Reganne celebrated her 1st Birthday.

And I'm kind of sad about it. With Marryn, we were always so excited to see her grow and learn new things and do new stuff, but with Reganne, we know what is next and we just want to keep our little baby little. But, oh, is she so much fun! Although I will always miss the baby part, it is still so exciting to see her do new things. For example, on her birthday, I watched her for the first time stand up on her own (vs crawling to something to pull herself up). It's bittersweet. A completely different experience than with Marryn. I still get so excited for Marryn to "grow up" but with Reganne, I was sad to move her out of her infant car seat and now to turn her around in her convertable car seat (I was going to wait, since the "recommended" age and weight seems to keep getting higher and higher, but we're struggling to get her little legs in comfortably and she is 21.5 lbs). It just shocks me at how different I feel between the two. And it's not like she's our last baby.

Our beautiful 9 lb baby Reganne only a couple hours old.

Her birthday went well, although Saturday night I finally came down with the mysterious stomach bug that went through the family. I stayed home with Reganne from church (she luckily slept the entire 3 hours) and by that evening was feeling better. Jean [Joey's Mom] came over and we had a mozzarella spinach meatloaf and rainbow chip cupcakes. Reganne opened her few gifts (her favorite being her new brown eyed baby doll-we were tempted many times in the past month to bring it out early for her and Marryn constantly fought over Marryn's) and then she and Marryn played with their balloons Jean brought them.

And now for her check-up stats. Weight, 21.5 lbs (50%); Length 29.5 inches (60%); Head 17.5 inches (30%).