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My friend Annie posted this on her blog. I love it and wanted to share it as well.

(Sorry, it's hard to read. I made it as big as I could, and it doesn't get much bigger if you click on it...)
Although it may be directed to those without kids, I personally took it as a reassurance that I'm doing okay. I sometimes wonder myself, "what do I do all day?" and "why am I always so tired?" Whether I know it or not, I am constantly doing something even if I currently have nothing to show for it.

And if you want a little more pick me up, I have a great quote posted over on the side of my blog, 'Why I Do What I Do'.


Project 365-Week 7

Sunday, Feb 8th

Reganne was the first to get a cold, starting up Saturday. Sunday I stayed home from church with the kids (Joey was teaching Elder's Quorum). By that night, Marryn was getting it....
Monday, Feb 9th

She whines and whines and whines!
But what is worse, a simple cold can really affect her lungs. And sure enough, she started breathing 'bad' (have to actually watch her chest for, um, forgot what it is called...) and so out comes the nebulizer. Luckily the bad breathing was very short lived, only that day. The cold however continued on and on and on...
Tuesday, Feb 10th
I know I've put up a picture like this before, but I thought it was so funny.
Here is Reganne, in bed asleep with a book called "I Am NOT Going to Get up Today!"
Wednesday, Feb 4th
The kids are still sick. Joey had to work late (really really late-didn't get home until 8pm, and then worked until 5am, slept for an hour then had to get up for the day). So I missed Mutual.
Thursday, Feb 12th
Since Joey was working from home, I left Reganne napping and took just the other 2 with me to the grocery store. Well, typically I put Reganne in the seat of the cart, prop the carseat with Christian over the back of the it and Marryn walks. Well since Reganne wasn't with us, I put Christian in the seat (with carseat still). It was really windy and sunny, so as we were walking into King Soopers, I was trying to hurry and block the sun from Christian's eyes with my head. In other words, I wasn't really paying attention. Suddenly I felt the cart run over something. I look down to see Marryn on the ground with both shoes a few feet back. She had tripped and yes, I RAN OVER HER HAND! So I threw her into the cart, picked up her shoes and hurried into the store. There I pulled off her glove (luckily she was wearing them) to find a huge chunk of skin scrapped off her thumb. And it was bleeding. Then she saw it. Oh dear. I begged her not to look as I headed to the first aid aisle. Got some of that spray Neosporin (great stuff!) and some cheap Snoopy bandaids (King Soopers is NOT the place to buy this stuff). She was a mope the rest of the day.
But then while cooking dinner I overhear her tell Reganne,
"I need to ride in the stroller because I hurt my thumb. Now push me around."
Friday, Feb 13th
Christian only really came down with a stuffed nose. He is still just the happiest baby ever! Well, as long as he's getting some attention.
Saturday, Feb 14th
I {hEaRt} My Boy!

Project 365-Week 6

Sunday, Feb 1st

SuperBowl Sunday.
Go Cardinals!
A few years ago, when the Broncos started to sway a little, Joey decided he wanted a 'backup' team to cheer for. At first I laughed at him for choosing the Cardinals, (why not pick a good team?), but then here they are just a few years later, in the SuperBowl!
It was a real shame they lost though.
Monday, Feb 2nd

My new blender/mini food processor.
Tuesday, Feb 3rd

Marryn wears tights and her 'clippty-clop' shoes (and only sometimes a skirt) every chance she gets.
On this day she also found some knee-high nylons...
Wednesday, Feb 4th
I joined a Temple Group with our Ward. Every other month there is a trip. You drive twice and if you have kids, you stay behind and babysit twice. So this was the first trip. I signed up to babysit for the first 2 trips, my first Temple visit will be in June. I'm hoping by then Christian will either take a bottle/sippycup or just won't need anything during that time;).
Thursday, Feb 5th
Spinach Quesadillas.
Most people have bread as a staple.
We have tortillas. And cheese and sour cream. And avocados.
Friday, Feb 6th

We went to the mall play place. The girls LOVED it!
Saturday, Feb 7th
Phineas and Ferb.
Our new favorite cartoon.
Although, it is for a little older kids....you know, like Joey. he he
This was also the start of the dreaded cold the kids got....


my valentine present

I am not a big Oh-surprise-me-with-something-special (ie, flowers, candy, jewelry, etc.) kind of girl. No no. I prefer to get my own presents. Or I'll tell you just what I want. (I LOVE giftcards-those are my most favorite presents-a gift PLUS an excuse to shop, and not at our expense!) Anyhow. Don't get me wrong. I have been surprised with great gifts. But I have also gotten great gifts that I really don't need. Or want. (I've even been labeled by some as the Queen of Returns. I have even returned things I have purchased for myself...) At this stage in my life, money is tight and I want a lot of stuff. And I don't want alot of "other stuff" just hanging out. So when it comes to gifts, please get me what I want or need. Even if it is a case of toilet paper. (Seriously.)

So, back to Valentine's Day. I told Joey, no gifts. And not a don't-get-me-anything-but-just-kidding,-I'll-be-upset-if-you-don't. No, I really meant it. And I wasn't getting him anything either. Which, by the way, is Joey's favorite gift from me. (This was the same for Christmas.) Sure, I'd love to get a bouquet of flowers or really good chocolate (not the lame-o stuff in those traditional heart boxes), but I'd rather have some of the scrapbook crap I just bought myself a few days ago... So Valentine's Day came. I got nothing. Joey got nothing.

But then I started to think about it later in the day.

I got to sleep in.

I got to sleep in while Joey got up with all the kids.

I got to sleep in like I get to every weekend.

I got to sleep in like I get to every day.

We are night owls. No matter how tired we are, we have a hard time going to bed before midnight. Awful, I know. The kids go to bed anywhere from 8-10 and then we just veg out in front of the TV. Watching sport highlights, design shows or Friends reruns. This is what we do. And we enjoy it. So then we get to bed around 12 and Christian almost always wakes up sometime in the night (yes, I really don't know when, Joey gets him) and I nurse him while I sleep. And then I often wake up to an empty bed because, yes, Joey has taken Christian back to his crib. And then later Joey gets up for work. When? I don't know. I sleep through it all. If the girls get up, he gets them food and cartoons. He then leaves for work somewhere between 8 and 9. And if the girls aren't screaming at each other yet, I'm still sleeping in bed. So then the weekend rolls around. These are my days to really sleep in. Once again, the kids get up and Joey gets up with them. Even though he's running on less sleep. He's willing to do this for me. Everyday. And on this particular day, Reganne got up early early in the morning. I just slightly woke up to hear Joey telling her to come onto his side, "Mom's sleeping."

I have the most incredible man in the world.

And going back to that whole presents thing. Want to know what he got for me on our first Valentine's? We had only been dating a few months and he surprised me with the 4 DVDs of The Best of Friends (this was prior to any of the seasons being out to buy-and yes after purchasing all 10 seasons, I got rid of them...). Now, that was a great surprise.

One more thing. I had gotten the girls each a little red jewelry case and had them setting out (wrapped up) for them to find that morning. Joey said that when Reganne saw them, she whispered real seriously, "Santa came."


my valentines

My Sweet Heart.

She has my heart.

My Little Heart Breaker.


goodbye old friend

Well, it finally reached it's last leg. It still works, but we know that it's time is short.
This blender was my high school graduation gift from my parents. This Spring it would be 10 years old. (Yikes, am I really that old??) It was a great blender. For the first few years it was primarily used for milkshakes. After working at IntaJuice, I learned how to make yummy smoothies. We then got into pureed soups (of which we eventually purchased a handheld blender...). But we knew it was going to need replacing when it started burning as I mixed up a salad dressing the other night....
So this is what we got.
I had been eyeing this guy for awhile. I really, REALLY want the Cuisinart food processor, but just can't bring myself to get it. We don't have one now, so did we really need to spend money on one at this point? So, as I thought and thought (this was a big decision for me you know), I decided to get the blender PLUS mini food processor.
I haven't tried it out yet, so I can't tell you how great it is, "but look how shiny!"
(Yes, that is a movie, ur, TV quote. Any guesses?)


cute ebay find

I'm always on the lookout for cute, sleeved dresses for the girls. Found this one on eBay last week.

Of course it is from GapKids. I'm such a sucker for Gap anything....


Project 365-Week 5

Sunday, Jan 25th

Christian's cute Church outfit. It was originally bought for Landen. BabyGap of course.

Monday, Jan 26th

Marryn picked out dinner. Fish sticks, green beans and carrots.
And these fish sticks from Whole Foods are excellent!
I love Whole Foods. We have one 5 minutes from our house. Love it. Just love it.

Tuesday, Jan 27th

The girls are doing their Yoga. Marryn was really into it. Reganne, not so much. But again, she is only 2....

Wednesday, Jan 28th

Wednesdays are Mutual days. These are 2 of my Young Women (of my 6 Beehives). The quiet/shy/timid ones. For some *odd* reason, I can really relate to them. And because of that same reason, I have a hard time connecting with them....

Thursday, Jan 29th

Old Navy balls. Yes, everytime we go, we must get a ball. And now that Reganne is older, we must get 2.... Hey, it's a cheap bribe! (And again, Old Navy is only 5 minutes from our house. I love where we live!)

Friday, Jan 30th

"Hot and Fire please."
Yes. Instead of my Mild sauce I always get lots of, I now have to get Hot and Fire.
Because Marryn asks for it. She likes it hot.
She wanted a burrito for lunch and proceeded to gather everything she would need. Tortillas, cheese and Taco Bell sauces. So that is what she had. A *cheese* burrito with Hot and Fire sauce on it. (However, Taco Bell is not so close...it's like 15 minutes away....)

Saturday, Jan 31st

The girls were playing.... It's their car/train/bus/airplane.... They even have Dad's belts as their seatbelts.