two years old

July 12th, 2010
A fun-filled day of Toy Story.
Streamers, balloons and yes, even a first ever movie theater experience.
(And for more than just him.)
A couple presents.
And an ice cream sundae.
(I was out of eggs...)

I couldn't get a good smile out of him.
He just kept singing 'hap bir-day to you.'
It was cute.
In fact, two weeks later he is still singing it.

May all your wildest 2 year old wishes come true, my sweet boy.

Yes, that is whipped cream and chocolate on his face.  
He was getting impatient.

And for his stats.  I missed his 18 month check-up...
26.8 lbs (25%)
35.5 inches (75%)
And if you double his height here, it puts him just under 6 foot at 5'11...Sorry hun. 


happy birthday to me

Is there any better gift than the love of your kids?
Well, maybe the love of your husband who takes the afternoon off so you can go shopping without any kids.

And speaking of kids, this little 3 month old...he gets around...

Coming up soon. Hopefully. 
A certain little guy turned two.