seeing santa

I took the girls to see Santa Claus last week. We were in Castle Rock shopping at the Outlet Mall and they have a really cute Santa setup. I had actually been so busy, that I hadn't really even thought that much about taking them to see him. But we came across an almost empty line so we headed in. As soon as I took Reganne out of the stroller, she walked right over to him (too bad he already had a kid on his lap). As soon as Marryn saw him (who last year went right up to him) she freaked out. That in turn freaked Reganne out, so that when it was their turn, neither wanted to see him. I persisted and stuck them on his lap. Reganne warmed back up, but Marryn looked like she was going to start crying (what more should I expect from her?). After we left, Marryn asked me where his reindeer were. Good thing she's only 3. I need to work on my "story telling" a bit more. By the time we got in the car, she was so excited that she saw Santa, she wanted to see her special book, eat her candy cane and hold her picture of them together. Funny girl.