three ps

Pee. Poop. Puke.

In a single day, I cleaned up everyone of those. Ah, the joys of Motherhood.

Tuesday, at 4 in the morning Reganne puked all over me, twice. We got cleaned up, then she puked on Joey. Later that morning, after falling back asleep, she puked one last time finally emptying out her stomach. That evening Marryn couldn't quite get her ballerina suit off in time and peed. Peed all over our bathroom floor. Peed like what seemed like a gallon all over our bathroom floor. Then, what more should I expect, but Reganne pooping in the bathtub. I was happy it wasn't puke, although that would have been easier to clean up...

Thursday night was the start of Marryn's go at puking. Friday she was alright, then Saturday she was puking again. Sunday she's back to her old self; pestering Reganne, doing what I asked her not to, not doing what I ask her, etc. Reganne's appetite is finally picking back up again. She hardly seemed to nurse this past week, which scares me. With Marryn, my original goals were for a year, but she didn't want to stop (and wouldn't drink milk at the time) so, no problem, I nursed her til she was 18 months. My goal for Reganne is at least 18 months. I'll be really sad if we don't make that.... I enjoy nursing. I feel that it is the best thing for me (how else can you sit around and burn calories?) and my babies. Plus, I get extra cuddle time that nobody else can take away from me! However, I don't think that everyone needs to feel this way. Breast is Best, so they say, but really, is there much difference? Formulas are so advanced anymore. (Hey, I was formula fed, my mom did not enjoy nursing, and I'm just fine!) We joke though that I stopped Marryn too soon, for right after she turned 2, she started to get sick. Got her first ear infection, then broke out in hives (allergic to penicillin) then started with all her respiratory infections...seemed as though I kept her free from infections (a claim of breast milk itself). But who is really to say? Although, I must admit that I'm religious about taking my DHA (Omega-3) supplement for pregnant and nursing women. If there is a chance I can build up my babies brains, give them healthy eyes, you bet, I'm going to do it!


walking and other stuff

I've got to make this quick. It's lightening like crazy outside (in October?) and I'm sitting a little too close to a window for comfort. And Reganne just woke up... Anyhow, it's been awhile since I've been on our blog. Been busy and have had a house guest (Jean, my mother-in-law) who has more important things to do on the internet and computer then myself. (Although I really need to finish recording our Arizona trip before it slips away!)

Reganne is an official walker. Just before 11 months. It's so fun to watch her cruise around the house. She'll put on Marryn's beaded necklaces (or headbands or straps from Marryn's ballerina suit... anything round and big enough to fit around her head - kinda scary, but pretty darn cute) and then just wander around the house. We just love to sit and watch her.

Marryn has gotten to be so imaginative! She's making up games and songs and playing pretend. She got sick a couple weeks ago. Just had a cold that soon hit her lungs, had fast, shallow breathing. Joey had to take her to Urgent Care (it was a Sunday). The doctor suggested that since this had been the 3rd time this has happened, in the past year, that we purchase a nebulizer breathing machine thing and that she'll probably end up with asthma since there is a family history of it (thanks Joey!). She seemed to feel and act fine the next day, but it took her a few more days to really breath easier.

Luckily, Reganne only got the runny nose and cough.