photos to canvas *giveaway*

i was contacted awhile ago to do a review on Easy Canvas Prints,
and turn my photos to canvas.
i've always wanted to get a canvas done, so i was super excited.
and of course i dreamed of the perfect picture i'd take of all the kids smiling/laughing/etc...

yeah, that was just not happening for me.

so i changed my thinking and decided i'd just pick a favorite of ONE of the kids and use it in their room.

i went with this one of reganne in an apple orchard at the pumpkin patch this fall.
and then i went with a 11x14 (i think).
i wanted to go bigger,
but i was worried about the picture quality. 
my camera really is NOT the best.

well, it turned out WAY BETTER than i even imagined.
i could have gone bigger.  much bigger.
(this picture just doesn't do it justice.)

i have plans to hang it in the girls' room.
(if i ever manage to finish painting-it's currently 3 different colors.  and has been since june...)
but for now it's sitting on their bookshelf, lovingly adored by me.  and reganne;).

i just love it.
i love the quality.
i love the coloring.
i love it.

and will be doing more photos to canvas.

with my canvas came $30 in gift cards.
i was totally going to be selfish and use them myself,
but seeing how behind i am on everything these days,
i know i won't use them by the end of the year when they expire.
so i'm offering them to one of my readers.
just leave a comment with your email or blog
and i'll pick a winner by monday night (12/12).
(i'll email the codes to the winner.)
and since i have very few readers, your chances are pretty good;).

***those reading this on facebook- please visit my blog (joeandkelsey.blogspot.com)
for the giveaway and leave a comment there with your email-only names on the blog post will be considered-thanks!***

but either way, you need to check out Easy Canvas Prints.
they offer great specials all the time.
currently, if you "like" them on facebook
you will get 50% off your next order, 
and free shipping as well.
so visit their site, upload your favorite photos, and have fun playing with all the options!

i was not paid to do this post, but did receive my canvas for free.  so worth it;).