our garden

i was going through the girls' photos and videos from their cameras.
came across this.
warning: it is taken by a six year old...  

our garden: by marryn

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little brothers



today is his last day being 2.
although he thinks he's been three for awhile now.
i'm going to miss this two year old.
he was so much fun.
i hope his threes prove to be just as much fun.
history tells me it will be a challenge.

{photo by marryn}


parade fun

we spent the 4th over on the western slope with my family.
{also know as cherry days in paonia.}

love this shot of the kids at the parade.
my dad had gotten all the kids ice cream cones.
my kids were in heaven.
my little niece dehcaley however did not want hers.
so i ate it.  no asking me twice.
wonder if she was regretting that...;)

small town parades are fun.
lots of horses.
lots of trackers.
lots of truck pulling trailers.
and lots of candy.
it was a good, good day for my kids.

this was my favorite.
joe and i couldn't decide if the tracker was 83 years old.
or the farmer driving it.


at my feet

he makes it very hard to get much done.
but i know one day i'll miss it like crazy.