about them

landen joseph (6.1.03-6.20.03)
our sweet baby boy.
born just a month before our first aniversary.
curly blonde haired.
returned to heaven a couple weeks later.

marryn james  (9.8.04)
our sassy grade-schooler.
blonde haired and blue eyed.
loves all things girly.
with a little sports thrown in there.
hates onions and peppers.
unless it's banana peppers.

reganne roberta (10.28.06)
our independent pre-schooler.
curly-haired and brown eyed.
loves just about anything,
on any given day.
hates cheese.

christian david (7.12.08)
our goofy little toddler.
curly-haired and brown eyed
loves balls and bugs.
and whatever his sisters have.
loves sour cream and cottage cheese. 

kellen john (4.9.10)
our newest little guy.
light haired and blue eyed.
so far.
loves his siblings.
loves his daddy.
loves his mommy.
loves his milk most of all.