a favorite find

Ever used this Shur-Line paint tray before?
Okay then.  Continue on.

Everyone (okay, everyone on HGTV) always says, 
"Paint, it's the cheapest improvement you can make to your house."
Well, it may be the cheapest, but for me, it's still not cheap.  
Sure, I like to spent more on the Sherwin Williams Harmony paint, but that's not what this blog post is about...
One of the added expenses for me is a new paint tray.
I know, I know, if I just clean it out I can reuse it blah, blah, blah.  But I don't know about you, but I HATE cleaning out the paint tray.  It's such a mess and seems to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r and never really gets clean.  So one day while picking up again, another paint tray at Lowes I found this baby.  And it was like a dream come true.

Check this out: 

Is that not amazing!?!  
I know, I need to get a life;).

So you paint.  And you let the paint just dry up in the tray.
Then you peel it off.  It's quite fun.  My kids love to do it too.
If any little bits remain, just a quick wash in the sink and they're gone.
No mess.  No hassle.  No waste.
This is the 4th time I've used this sucker.
(But yes, I bought another, just in case.)

It is coated with Teflon, but we're not eating out of it, so no harm, right?

Wondering what I was painting?  Nothing too exciting, but I'll share soon.


a giveaway

It's a giveaway!  But not here.  
Head on over to Little bits of Bliss for a chance to win an adorable headband.

And check out all of Ali's great talents...photography, sewing, home improvement...she's awesome!

And she use to live down the road from us before she had to up and move... :(


another girl, another birthday, another party

Well, not really another party, but it sure looked like it;).
Just days before the big day, little miss Reganne informed me of this:

She wanted a Mulan birthday.
She wanted streamers on her doorway.
She wanted her friend Cassidy to come over.
She wanted to *unwrap* gum.
She had her gum privilage taken away and was getting it back on her birthday;).

Oh, to be four again...

She had a pretty big day nevertheless.

Woke up to streamers covering her doorway and the table all decked out with *Mulan* colors.
Got the inspiration from her Mulan doll's dress.  Although we couldn't find the actual doll...
Had her big Halloween party at preschool where she got to wear her costume and share some cupcakes.
Talked to her favorite cousin Maylee on the phone.
Her friend Cassidy came over and played.
Grandma Jean came over.
Opened one super-doper fun present.
Had her last soccer practice, kids vs parents.
Went to Panda Express for dinner (had to keep with the *oriental* theme).
Opened some more presents, including yes, a package of gum.
Had Happy Birthday sung to her.
Blew out a candle.
And enjoyed her 4th rainbow chip cupcake of the day.

I *think* she had a good 4th birthday.

I have another blogger that I love.
And she's lookin' for votes!
It only takes a second and you can vote once a day.

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And her blog, if you're interested.

Check our her craigslist table she redid.
So green with envy.
Oh, and she introduced me to the Craigseasy (a great, GREAT program that lets you view only the pictured items all at once...).