snow day (x2)

Thanksgiving night we got a fairly decent amount of snow. So Friday the girls got to play in their first snow of the season!

Notice how the snow is only in the shade.

Then last night we got a TON of snow (a foot in some places). We girls had a blast playing in it today.

I may never complain of our partially sloped backyard again!
View of Pikes Peak (and our neighbors) from our backyard (at least our yard isn't that sloped!)
"Come on Marryn, pull me! No? Fine, I'll go myself."

Marryn's Snow Garden * Reganne's Snow Castle
Yes, those are weeds and dead "flowers" picked from the neighbor's yard.
And what? You can't see the Snow Castle??? ;)

5 happy thoughts:

Koenig Family Blog said...

I love their matching pink and brown snow outfits, so cute!

christy said...

i agree with ashley on the matching snow clothes. how fun that your girls got to have some fun snow time.

Kim said...

How fun to have snow!!! I'm so jealous! It must really feel like the holidays with snow! I was just excited it rained and I actually had to wear pants (finally). Your girls looks so cute!

The King Family said...

I am so jelous of the snow - I wish we had it here! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Amparo said...

They look like they had so much fun. Your girls totally remind me of mine. They are super cute!