photo shoot: claire

This is Claire.
Man alive.
Is she not gorgeous?
Look at those eyes.
She was a typical 2 year old however.
Not too interested in posing for a picture.
But I'm use to that. 


I am not a professional photographer. 
But I want to be.  Or something of the sorts.
I don't have a great camera.
But I have a decent one.
I am not a great editor.
But I do have some tricks.

I offered to do this little photo shoot for some friends in our ward (the baby's pics are coming soon-hopefully).  
And funny story.  Well, not really funny.  Just interesting.  
We knew them from the single's ward in Ft Collins.  
Nick's grandpa gave me my patriartical blessing and Leigh had business classes with Joe at CSU.  
So it was fun that we moved into the same ward as them here.


So I could use a little feedback.
Let me know what you think.
How's the lighting, the angle, the clarity/focus? 
Too bright?  Joe thinks so.
(Click on them to make them bigger.)
Be honest.  I want to get better.
And which is your favorite; basic color, seventies, or bw?
(I am currently in love with this seventies action...so I could use some other input.)


first days

Yes.  The school year is upon us again. 
I still can't believe it is even upon us...


First Day of First Grade.

The only *new* things, her socks and shoes.
Bought them big.  Hope they last...
Her backpack, still in good shape.
Her skirt, lookin' a bit short.
To be honest, all her bottoms had to be replaced about half way through last year when she outgrew them...
School starts at 8:15.
Gets out at 3:15.
She conked out about an hour after getting home.

First Day of Preschool.

Also using last year's backpack.
Goes Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-11:00.
And because of her *late* October birthday, is the oldest.
Considering putting her in the pre-k class...we'll see how things go...


sneaky boy

Nothing is safe anymore.
Caught him the other day eating my chocolate I hid in the fridge.
The same day he found the oreos.
The day before he got into the girls' gum....

And don't you just love his socks.
He must have pulled them from the girls' bin.
They're Christmas ones.
Wore them like that all day.


a baby blessing

Given a beautiful blessing by his dad.
Wore the same outfit as Christian.
Held in Landen's blanket.

Pictures taken 7.24.10