Reganne's Curls
Courtesy, her Mom

Growing up, I always said that I'd never wish curly hair on my daughters. But now that I see Reganne's, I'm secretly so excited! Landen has been our only baby born with noticable hair, a bunch of blonde tipped curls, so now I can say that I've got 2 out of 3! Poor Marryn, she looks so out of place in our family with her blonde hair. But what most don't know is that I was always blonde!
Here's a picture of me just a few months older than Reganne.


new haircut and costume

So, I walked into our bathroom the other day to find Marryn cutting off strings of floss. Kind of a waste, but I was busy, so I didn't care. That and she was actually flossing her teeth. Then I noticed a few small chunks of hair on the floor. I picked them up and asked her what this was and she, while stroking her hair, said that it was just too long.

Time for a haircut.


no white christmas here

Here's my family (minus my older half-brother Ty and his wife and daughter). Dad's holding Reganne, Mom's holding Dehcaley, then my brothers Garrett and John. It's the end of a long Christmas day at Great Grandma's for the kids...

Here's John with his adorable little girl. We found a baby picture of John (of which my mom thought was Garrett...) and she looks so much like him!