preschool is in full swing now.
and if you're counting, this is year 3 for her.
we had thought about trying to get her into kindergarten this year,
but in the end, felt much better about keeping her where she should be.
she'll be one of the oldest (and tallest) as she goes through school,
but that will be a good thing.
just means she'll be smarter, more mature, and more athletic.  right?
regardless, she's where she will do best.
she thrives when she is confident.


summer fun

anyone else going to be sad to say goodbye to summer? 


sticks and ...shorts

while visiting my family over july 4th,
we made a little day trip up to grand mesa.
these pics of christian were just too funny not to scrap.

made with studio calico kits.


our little bobblehead

he's dancing to christian's happy *4th* birthday card from grandpa dave.
yes, christian turned 3, not 4;).
we all, including grandpa (who did realize his mistake after he sent it off) had a good laugh over it.


first day

the first day.
the first day of second grade.

she's been waiting 2 months for this day.
 new backpack?  check.
new shoes?  check.
new clothes? check.  kind of.

hope this year is more than you could of dreamed sweetie.