What do you think, time for a haircut?
There's the door Mom.
Really, another picture?

Please, I just want out.
Seriously Mom, put that stupid thing down and get me out of here!
He actually wakes up really happy. He was just a little upset that I walked out of the room without him and came back with that *big black thing* and still didn't get him out of his crib. And no, that's not stuck on food on his face, he scratched himself yesterday. I did some nail trimmings today. I know, a little too late....


witches brew and the tiger's roar

I *love* this second photo. It represents them all so accurately.
Marryn is trying to be patient and take the pictures.
Reganne is throwing a fit because I made her wait until after the pictures to have a sucker.
Christian is looking for more candy and wants to head out for another round of trick-or-treating.
(Yes, I dressed them up and took pictures a little over a week after Halloween.)


and a little bit of pixie dust

October 28th. 2009.
Reganne turned 3.

It was a fun filled day at Pixie Hollow. Reganne loved her *adorable* jammies from Grandma Jean, her new Tinkerbell toys and DVD and of course, her very own Snuggie.
(Don't ask what the girls were posing as in that picture...?)

winner winner, chicken dinner

Does anyone else watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (or Triple D) on the Food Network? Joey loves that show, so we watch it often...
Anyways, after a pretty crappy weekend, I got a sweet little message.

I won something off of the Making Memories Blog! Check it out to take a quick survey to win yourself something fun. And to see my name;)

And then Friday, after waking up to a sinus infection (you've got to be kidding me!?!?!), I got my little package.



a sick update

I guess I better post an update on the kids, before everyone really starts to worry that we've been swept away by the swine or something...;)

After my last post, I decided to take Reganne in. She was very excited about it and it perked her right up. Must be the sticker she knows she'll get at the end. And other than the vomiting and little bit of diarrhea, she was fine. Doctor did prescribe some medicine to help her keep stuff down. And it worked great. Didn't get sick again until the next morning...and then we just gave her another dose and she was good to go.

Christian started throwing up that next day, but just a couple times. And it was so sad. I think it wore him out just a little bit more. But like Reganne, he was fine otherwise. We put off a weekend trip to see my parents (who were visiting my brothers on the Western Slope) because we weren't sure how things were going to continue, but no one else got sick.

So the week continued on. Wednesday was Reganne's birthday (more to come) and Marryn's school was cancelled that day, despite having hardly a flurry until that afternoon (???) and Thursday (with a little bit of snow on the ground-we were not hit like "they" said we would be) and then Friday came along and so did a fever in Marryn. So she stayed home from school. No other problems, just a fever that was easy to bring down with some Tylenol. Saturday, same thing. Sunday-good to go. But then, yes, Reganne had a fever...and Monday too...but today is doing fine.

Now, as for me.

I. Got. Sick. (And after I bragged about how I never get sick...)

With a cold.

And it totally knocked me out.

Halloween, I could hardly get out of bed. Didn't even take any pictures of the kids. But don't worry, Grandma Jean was here and not only did she take care of everyone, she took some pictures:) Sunday I managed to stake claim on the couch and eat dinner, but that was about it. I'm better now. Just have a normal cold now, you know, cough, stuffy nose, that kind of stuff. But no fever or chills or body aches. Man, I have never had a cold like that before. Friday night when my chest was just burning, I thought, I better visit the Urgent Care in the morning, but I after a "you'll-feel-better-after-a-shower" shower, I was so wiped out that I never made it. But I got better, so no big deal.

But then I'm sad to say, Grandma Jean left us yesterday...with the start of a cold...

Yes, I am so sorry that she's sick, but I am SO grateful that she was here.