i hate carpet

I hate carpet. I really do. If I had a little (ok, more like a lot) of extra money, I'd rip out every square inch of carpet and replace it with hardwood. I'd get a couple of nice thick wool rugs and throw those down in the living room and bedrooms. But no wall to wall carpet. And no carpet on the stairs.

Today I was trying to vacuum my stairs. For the first time since we moved in. (I've done a few stairs, only where the crappy hose-thing would reach from the bottom....) Well, the vacuum fell over and hit my arm really hard (yes, I know, I'm kind of a wuss, blah blah blah, Joey...). But it really did hurt and I can even feel the knot on my arm. I couldn't even cut up my french toast Joey made for us (it was my right arm that got hit). I felt retarded as he leaned over the table to cut up my food. It was like an assembly line; Reganne on one end, then me, then Marryn on the other end.... My arm does feel better now, but still. And my stairs aren't even half vacuumed! If they were wood, all I'd have to do is take a damp rag and wipe. That's it. My kitchen and dining room floors are so much cleaner than the rest of the house and all because they are easier/quicker to clean. Then there is that whole asthma and allergy problem our family is doomed to face.... Anyhow. I'm just complaining. It's not just a so-called "need", I really just like the look of hardwood floors.

Don't they look so nice. And the girls look pretty cute too;)


we survived

Well, I picked up Joey Friday night. We survived! The kids were so excited to see him, as was I of course... but then he got sick (cold with sinus stuff)... so it was almost like I was alone again... almost. (He's better now, even made it back to work today.)

Playing Pat-a-Cake with Daddy

Saturday I took Marryn to get her stitches out. Again, not a great experience (she screamed the minute the doctor walked into the room...) but they are out. They put sutures on, which will fall off when they fall off. Otherwise, her toe looked good. So funny story. She gets out of the car when we get to the Urgent Care and starts walking toward the sidewalk (or 'sideywalk' as she still calls it) but of course isn't really watching where she is going. Runs right into the metal rail. Totally knocks herself onto her bum, flip flops come flying off! I could not help but laugh. (What kind of mom am I??) She whimpered just a little; I think she was actually embarrassed. But she was fine nevertheless.

Marryn's First Stitches


christian's blessing

Blessing Day
Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pictures taken September 18, 2008


rough week

So, Joey has been in Pennsylvania since Sunday. And isn't coming home until Friday night. It's been challenging, to say the least. Reganne was up all Saturday night coughing (coughed so much it woke Marryn up who got in bed with us), and now has a runny nose to go along with the hacking. And she just got over a cold a week ago! Christian had his 2 month check up on Monday (13 lbs 1oz (75%) and 24.5 inches (50%) and head...(50%)) and got 3 shots. He DID NOT like those. So he's been cranky the past few days, just wants to be held. And then Marryn. Tonight she just kept crying, saying her tooth hurt.... Funny, last time Joey went on a business trip I had to deal with a sick child-Marryn. Now she is the WORST sick kid. Just whines and cries, even while she sleeps. So I'm glad she isn't sick...yet.... Anyhow. Here's some fun pictures of Christian. Enjoy!



Marryn turned 4 on Monday, September 8th. She had a great day. Went shopping with me (for eggs for the cake), helped Grandma Jean bake her cake, went to Red Robin for dinner where they sang to her (unlike her mom, she enjoys all the attention!) and then had her "Princess Party" of opening presents and eating strawberry cake with strawberry frosting (we had strawberry ice cream too, she picked them all out, but we "forgot" about it ;)). She even got to wear her "Birthday Girl" shirt (she wore it last year too).

Money from Grandpa Dave * Cash Register from Grandma Jean
Barbie Kelly Dolls and Elephants from Grandma Georgia and Papa
LOTS of Princess Stuff and a Barbie Doll and Car from Mom and Dad
Reganne got a hip Barbie * Christian got a fun shirt

So now for the sad part. The next day I heard a crash coming from the playroom. Then I hear Marryn say, "Ah man." Then I hear a "Ooow." Then a blood curling scream. I run in there and Marryn had knocked over all her markers, crayolas and colored pencils and then walked over them. She had cut her foot, on what, really don't know. So I took her upstairs, trying to calm her down (didn't want to wake Reganne), but she just kept screaming. Then I finally got a good look at her foot. I started shaking a little. I could see the meaty part in the crease under her big toe. I took a few deep breaths, didn't want to freak her out anymore than already, and told her she was going to have to go to the doctor. For some reason, that calmed her down. So I loosely wrapped up her foot, stuck her in the car (with a sucker, to keep her occupied). Got the other two up and in the car and then headed out to the nearby Urgent Care. Drove down the street then turned around, realizing I didn't have shoes on anyone. (Ok, so Reganne was the only one who really needed them...) Got to the Urgent Care (a brand new one about 5 minutes away) and was the only one there. They freaked her out and made her cry hysterically while trying to numb her toe and then finally stitched her up. It was awful. She was crying, Christian was crying, I was trying not to cry.... Reganne was good though. They had 2 nurses holding her leg still and the receptionist trying to comfort Christian, while I tried to calm Marryn down. But then it was over. And so far, everything is good.

She had her annual check-up today. In the 50th percentile for her weight (34 lbs) and 85th percentile for her height (41 inches). I knew she was growing up! All of her 4T pants are way too short, I've had to buy her girl sized 4 slim!


why i don't read

I should not be allowed to read a book. Ever.
This is what happens.
I become so engrossed in what I'm reading, that all else (and as you can see, I really mean ALL else) falls by the wayside. (Although I did take time out to take a few pictures:)

My aunt Kim (thanks again, SO MUCH) bought me a great book for my birthday. I got it Saturday afternoon in the mail and really had to resist the urge to open it (that next morning I was giving a talk in Sacrament and still hadn't written my talk...). So I hid it away and last night after putting the kids in bed, pulled it out and started reading. Joey made me turn off the light, otherwise I probably would have finished it in the wee hours of the morning. So I got up today and read. And read and read and read. The girls did their own thing; Marryn got them their own snacks (the granola bar that Reganne is eating in the living room-big no no, but I didn't seem to mind too much) and Reganne chose to redress herself. Christian was subjected to sleeping in his bouncer most the day. I finished it just after Joey put the kids in bed tonight.

I love reading (well, as long as it's a good story) and just can't stop. I remember as a kid going to Las Vegas to shop. If I was good all day, I'd get a new book. Oh how I loved getting books! And then I'd get in trouble on the way home as I'd try to read it in the dark. I don't read very often now. Just don't have the time. My past readings do include the Harry Potter series, although I haven't read the last book, since it hasn't come out on paperback yet (at least I haven't noticed it) and also The Work and the Glory. All books were read in a day or two's time. But now I have another series.

I have seen these books, but didn't know anything about them. Then I read the "info" stuff. It's about a vampire...I wasn't so sure, but within the first pages, I was hooked. I felt really silly being into a teenage drama/love book, but as I soon found out, many other people were too. I loved it and can't wait to read the next ones.