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Here is a link to our house listing

MLS# 556564

Nothing fancy. If you look in one of the living room photos, you'll see a princess crown sticking out of the couch. I was trying so hard to keep the girls in their room, but they were so persistent in "showing off" their toys. Reganne's room isn't pictured for we hadn't painted over the pink paint yet and Marryn is now sleeping in our guest room, although I changed the bedding out for something more girlie (ie. pink flowers). I really wish they could have seperate rooms in our next house. (I plan on giving the baby his own room and the girls sharing and then hopefully having a guest room.) They both sleep so much better! And it's really nice during Reganne's naptime. Marryn isn't just "stuck". Now she can go to her own room and play!



We just got back from an overnight stay in Colorado Springs. Joe's boss from California flew in to do annual reviews in which they asked Joe to go to down there for it. So I jumped at the chance to go and look at homes. I was very disappointed. The one home I fell in love with on the internet (wood floors throughout!) sold before I even got a change to look at it. And it was only on the market for 13 days! Priced to sell, that's for sure. Everything else was either too small, too old (and needed too much work) or just not a good layout. I don't need anything that unique and special. All I really want is an open floorplan (like ours now), NO formal living or dining, unless it's enclosed enough to be used as a playroom or office (ie. scrapbook room) and four bedrooms (at least 3 up, one could be in the basement with a bath for our guest room). We just need to add another 10-20 grand to our budget and we'd be set. No, I still won't find my dream Craftsmen style, wood floor home, but I'd at least find something to suit our family better. I do realize how important it is that we don't overextend ourselves financially in our home (learned this the hard way) but I also realize that we're going to have another baby (mid July, by the way, talk about good timing...) and are going to need a bit more room. And to top it off, it looks like we're going to have to really drop our home price if we want to move anytime soon. We have until October to be relocated, but it'll be much easier on us if we're settled before the baby comes. (And I HATE showing our house. Yes, I like having a clean house, but a "showing" house is tough.) I guess all I really can do is continue to pray that's we'll sell our home for a good price at the right time and find a good home at the right price, at the right time. Try to be optimistic and realistic all the same.

On a good side note, I got to stop by the Gap Outlet in Castle Rock and shop BY MYSELF! (Joey sat in the car while the girls slept. What a guy!) When we got home, I showed Marryn her new flipflops and denim skirt overalls and she was so excited. She wore them over her pjs until she went to bed and then put them back on when she got up this morning! Forget toys for this 3 year old! All she needs is more clothes (as if that could be true...). Even Reganne has gotten into the girly thing. I had to put a little skirt on over her jammies (has to be just like Marryn) and she strutting around in it now, carrying her purse. Man, is Joey lucky we're having a boy!


it's a boy


we're back

Okay, so we didn't actually go anywhere, but we are now back.

Our less than 5 year old laptop crashed, for the second time now, at the beginning of February. The first time it was still under a service plan. Not so lucky this time and when I took it in, I was basically told it would cost a great deal and wouldn't be worth it. Better off just getting a new computer. So last night we finally hooked everything up in our new Dell computer. A desktop this time. (Joey and I disagreed on this one. I won.) We even got a new printer in the deal. I have to admit that everything is a bit bulky (Joe's argument for the laptop) but I LOVE the big monitor. And we're excited that we ended up with a Dell. We've read that they are very environmentally friendly....

Yeah for us!