I had my last prenatal appointment here before moving and the clinic now does 3-D ultrasound pictures. So as a nice little bonus, we got a special peek at our little boy at 31 weeks.



We sold our house! And, we signed on a new home! Yeah! Everything is just really falling into place for us....

Joey had a business trip planned to Colorado Springs this week and, if our house was sold, me and the girls were going to go with him and look for a house. Well, our house went under contract, a couple weeks ago, but as we looked on our home list our Realtor, Jay, set up for us, all our homes we liked were selling or Jay wouldn't take us to because the house was trashed (why it would be in our price range). So we made a quick decision to go down last Friday. We were getting so depressed because only a couple homes were even livable. And they were small. Needed a little work; full backyard landscaping, fencing, flooring, etc. As we drove around, we stopped by a Richmond American Development (Homes starting in the $190s...yeah right). They had 2 homes available now. One, closer to our price range was cute. Small. Hardly a backyard at all, but finished. The other was beautiful. 4 beds upstairs, wood flooring, granite tile counter tops, all stainless appliances (including the fridge, which we'd need) and washer and dryer (which we also need...). Just perfect. Way, WAY too much. But we thought we'd try anyhow. Offered way below what the home was listed at, the most we could do. AND THEY ACCEPTED! We were shocked. I think it helped that we had no contingency on our current home, were being relocated and were able to move in soon. So, we signed the contract and everything just keeps falling into place for us. We are so grateful. We know that Heavenly Father has truly blessed us.

Here are some pictures (mostly just for my mom to see). They aren't great and the home still needs some finishing touch ups, but you'll still get the feel of the home.

Here's the layout. Only flipped. We have the optional extended family room, fireplace and patio. (Ignore the top optional figures.)