kids really can sleep anywhere

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, naptime and bedtime with Reganne has been a little rough without the 'plug'. She fights us so much, that we often skip the nap, and by bedtime, she's so tired, but refuses to go to bed...

Joey had been trying to get her in bed and she would just scream and fight him. Well, he gave up. I was downstairs nursing the baby, so when I was done, I went up, put Christian in the cradle and then went into the girls' room. Marryn started yaking a million miles a minute, telling me something about how she was trying to help Reganne into bed and then I realize that yes, Reganne was asleep. She was standing up, asleep. It was so strange/funny/cute. And as she stood there, she'd start to lean back to one side, her back leg bending, then suddenly, it'd catch her, straighten up and push her back upwards! Although, when we actually put her into bed, her eyes popped right open and I had to lay there with her for quite awhile until she drifted back off.

She really has had a couple of rough nights though. Yesterday I found her in her bathroom, with Marryn's sample of mouth rinse from the dentist, empty, in the sink.

"Did you drink this?"
"Yes, I drink it."
"Did you spill it down the sink?"
"Yes, I spill it down sink."

This went on a few times before I gave up and just called the poison center. (All the while, Christian is screaming in the background...the lady asked if that was her - the one who swallowed the mouthwash, but oh no, that's my other baby - I'm surprised she didn't have someone come take my kids from me...) Fortunately the bottle was only half full, which was about .5 fluid ounces, so she said not to worry and just have her drink milk. Yeah right. Reganne drink milk...not happening. Not even with a ton of chocolate. I did trick her into a few drinks, but then she got too smart for me.

Well, later that night, she comes into our room and Joey takes her back to her bed only to bring her back. Yes, she had puked in her bed. Not too bad, but yes, it was pink...like pink bubblegum mouthwash pink? Oh yeah. We kept her with us and she was fine the rest the night.

So then this morning, Marryn wants some milk. I pour her some only to realize that yes, the milk is bad. Oops. And now, (yes I know, there's more to this horrible story!) her nose is running. She's getting a couple of molars.

This should make for some more fun times!

4 happy thoughts:

Our Family Happenings said...

Sounds like you are having some exciting times! That is SO funny that she fell asleep while standing up, it is amazing to me that kids can fall asleep in such funny positions. Don't you just love those moments when you feel like the best mom in the world...LOL, but hey we all have days like that. You really are an amazing Mom, and a wonderful person Kelsey! Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

LOL!!! So funny! Got to love being a Mom!

Amparo said...

Love the pics of Reganne sleeping while she is standing. When Anique was a baby and I would be holding her while rinsing my mouth with mouthwash, she would try to lick my lips so she could try the mouthwash. It was the funniest thing ever. Well I hope Reganne starts to feel better, teething is the worst feeling for kiddo's. Good luck!

The King Family said...

That is so dang funny! What a girl!