old navy bouncy balls

We went to Old Navy Thursday. And this is what the girls came home with. More 25 cent bouncy balls.

Project 365-Week 4

Sunday, Jan 18th
Kisses for my baby!
Monday, Jan 19th
Another common site at our house.
A girl. In bed. With a book. Asleep.
Tuesday, Jan 20th
I found these beach towels at Pottery Barn Kids on clearance one year. I was saving them for, you know, when we go swimming. Well I finally pulled them out to find that they were wraps. I LOVE THEM! They are the best towels for kids. Love the hood and just the perfect size. I am now on the lookout for more *sale* ones.
Wednesday, Jan 21st
My first SLR (or is it SRL?) camera. It is a dream come true! After Marryn was born, we bought our first digital camera. And looking back, it was a good purchase. I was just getting into photography (nothing like a new baby to do that to you) and was learning the "language." I really wanted the SLR one, but couldn't afford it (FYI-paid as much for this one as we did for our first digital camera...) and really didn't know much about it (ie. how to use it). Well, I have learned alot these past 4 years and had outgrown our camera. So as a Christmas gift, with a little of the Christmas money we got, I finally was able to get my own Canon Digital Rebel XS. It is the "lowest" model, only, you know 10 megapixals and all ;), but the perfect one for me! And I have been lovin' it like crazy! In fact, I don't even use the auto mode!
Thursday, Jan 22nd
Christian found his toes!
Friday, Jan 23rd

Okay, so I couldn't decide which picture to use....
Dad reading the girls stories (with Daddy's Bronco blanket).
The girls reading Christian stories.
Saturday, Jan 24th
Saturday morning cartoons. Usually Dad is watching with them, but he was off making breakfast enchiladas. Mmmmm.


brush 'em brush 'em brush 'em

Want to know something funny? All three of my kids are in the same jammies they wore on Christmas.
You can see Christian and his jammies in the "No Peas Please" post.
And yes, if you haven't noticed yet, my kids live in their pajamas.
Ok, I'll be honest. I live in my jammies too....

no peas please

The other day I fed Christian his first peas. Needless to say, it was a no go. I gave him a couple bites and he would just gag them up, literally. And I'm so mean, that I had to give him another bite later just so Joey could see it too! I then tried again today. Nope. Still won't eat them! (But who can really blame him?!)

oh my goodness

Okay, while I'm in the video mode, I guess I'll post this little clip of Reganne from awhile ago.

dancing in jammies

The girls love to dance. Or maybe it's just spin/run in circles...either way, they're entertaining.

Sorry, again, the video quality isn't that great. Someday, someday, we'll have an actual video camera...I shouldn't complain though. I did just get an incredible camera....


baby toes

Christian found his toes.
Who knew he had something so cool to play with all along.

(Yes, I'm having way too much fun with my new camera. The kids, on the other hand, are not.)

my new toy

Ah, dreams really do come true!


Project 365-Week 3

Sunday, Jan 11th
My Aunt Kim's 31st birthday! Yes, she is my aunt (my mom's youngest sister) and she is only 3 years older than me. And, our kids go ages 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0. Isn't that fun! She is my absolute best friend. Someday we hope to be much closer to her and her family (she's in Mesa).
Monday, Jan 12th
This is a very common site at our home. Sports on TV (currently the sport of the year is basketball) and Reganne, less than a foot away. No, she hasn't shown huge amounts of interest in sports for say. No, her and Marryn show huge amounts of interest in what Daddy's watching. It's really cute. But they will occasionally put up a fight when he changes their cartoons....;)
And, Christian is officially 6 months....:(
Tuesday, Jan 13th
Christian and his Dad. They were playing. Playing "toss me up again and make me laugh even more before I puke all over you!"
Wednesday, Jan 14th
We rented (for free!) Kung Fu Panda from the Library. The girls watched it upstairs with me while I worked on the computer (doing what, who knows). They watched it later with dad too. He liked it so much we returned this one and bought (way to save $$) our own copy. Jack Black rules!
Thursday, Jan 15th
Christian had his 6 month check up. He's not so big anymore...17.1 lbs (50%), 26.25 inches (50%) and his head was 17 inches (48%). Then why does he seem so big to me?? He's average! And yes, he is now a quarter of an inch past the height limit on his seat (not to mention it "expired" in Dec-whatever that means). But I think we're going to hang on just a little bit more... He also got some shots. Marryn was once again freaked out by them, trying to hide in the cupboard... He cried for a second, then was good.
Friday, Jan 16th
All day long Marryn was looking through my magazines. One Pottery Barn Kids (her favorite, she asked where the other ones where and when I said I recycled them, she got all upset, "Mom, don't do that! I want to look at them still!"), some scrapbooking ones and a useless organizing one. All day she looked at them. In the playroom, on the couch, upstairs. For whatever reason, she was way into them.
Saturday, Jan 17th
We drove up to Fort Collins for the day to hang out with Brian and Brandony. Brian had to coach his ward's YM basketball team (Joey got to ref the game-he was excited about that) and then we went to a really fancy park. It was packed! But really what did we expect? A beautiful Saturday day in January? Of course everyone and their dog (there is a dog park there too) was there! Brandony and I followed the girls around while the boys chatted. We really miss them! We had planned on visiting Landen's grave but didn't get to. We were bummed about that.


my 'handy' hubs

I was raised by a "handyman." I have 3 brothers who are handy. I have grandpas and uncles and the such who are handy. In our family, if something broke or needed fixed, whatever it may be, we (and by we I mean "the men") just fixed it. Even if they didn't know how, they managed to figure it out. And always, ALWAYS, did an impeccable job at it.

Well, my dear sweet hubby is not such a handy man. Although his dad and brothers are, he spent most his time growing up with his mom and didn't quite learn those kind of skills. But every once in awhile, he surprises me and makes me so proud!

Since we moved into our home in May, we have had to deal with lukewarm showers. The bathtub and sinks get hot, but not our shower. Throughout the summer it wasn't so big of a deal. But these past months have been rough. So the other morning I woke up to find a toolbox on our bed. Joey had had enough! He took apart our shower handle and adjusted the safety clip thing to allow for hotter water to come through. YeeHa! I have had some of the best showers lately!

And then there was last fall. Just before Thanksgiving Joey hit a deer. In Fort Collins. In front of a gas station. Fortunately he was in the Yukon that has the big grill on the front of it (this was my parents car, they had put the grill on it just for this purpose when they lived on the Western Slope aka "Deer Country"). So the damage to the car was small, but it did break the headlight. But unfortunately, because this was my parents car still (about a month later the title was transferred to us...), so was the insurance and we (my parents included) were a little apprehensive to go through them for repairs... Estimates to fix the car were about $2500. So for a mere $200, Joey bought a new headlight and installed it himself. He installed a headlight. On a car. And it is still working! In addition, he even managed to fix some of the bend hood.



Now, as handy as my husband has proven to be, I probably won't be getting him to do some of my other "projects" I want done, such as put on a porch railing and re-tile the fireplace (yes, that is the same tile on the fireplace that is in our bathroom....). His handiness is more out of a necessity, not want;) That and we really don't have a budget for that kind of stuff....


Project 365-Week 2

Sunday, Jan 4th

Ah, 1:30 church. (And yet, we were still late....) Beats 8:30 anyday.

Monday, Jan 5th

Christian's first food. He DID NOT like it.

Tuesday, Jan 6th

The kids and I went to the Gap Outlet. I turned around for a second and Reganne had on a new pair of shoes. Of course Marryn had to try some on too...(usually, it's the other way around though...)

Wednesday, Jan 7th

A new found love. Hot Apple Cider.

Thursday, Jan 8th

Big Sis taken care of Christian. He was really fussy and crying, but I had to put him down for a second. So I gave him to Marryn and he soon stopped crying. I came back to find this.

Friday, Jan 9th

Yeah! Christian rolled over. Finally. He's just days away from being 6 months! (And yes, he's still in the same jammies as the day before....)


Saturday, Jan 10th

The Christmas tree and decorations are finally down and put away.... The house looks so bare now.


Project 365-Week 1

My most favorite scrapbook mag http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/ had this great idea for a year long project-take a picture a day. What a way to truly document your life! They also have a great kit to scrapbook these pics, but it is currently sold out...you can visit the creator's blog, http://www.beckyhiggins.com/ to see more about the idea. So here is the start of my Project 365.

Thursday, Jan 1st
We awoke to the New Year with a new mess! We celebrated the night before (around 10pm, you know, when New York celebrates...) with a couple of streamer-popper-things. The girls loved them and begged me not to clean up until the morning so they could play in them again!
Friday, Jan 2nd
Ah, the organizing of Christmas toys has begun. I was finally able to get shelves for the kids' playroom closet (aka, the front room coat closet).
Saturday, Jan 3rd
And yes, FINALLY, we purchased a shelving unit for the workroom (aka, the junk/dump room). I installed the hang track myself, although I should not have been so stubborn and should have let Joey help me. It seemed easy enough, but securing it too the wall was very awkward...but it's up and I LOVE it! I can finally get my scrapbook stuff put up and hopefully this will aid me in my January goal of cleaning out and organizing this room. I only wish I could have painted the room beforehand....