Car Seat Raffle for Kyle David Miller Foundation

A few posts ago, the one about our car seats, I mentioned a great blog to visit about car seats and stuff, bombedier.blogspot.com. Well, Laura helps run a foundation (Kyle David Miller Foundation) dedicated to providing safe car seats and information on car seat safety, in memory of a little boy who died in a car accident. They are currently holding a raffle to help raise money to provide car seats. Tickets are $10 (and you can always purchase more:) and up for grabs is a really nice Graco infant seat (holds up to 32 lbs and 32 inches!) and matching stroller.

Feel free to pass along this info, in whatever form, even if you can't purchase a ticket!


Project 365-Week 11

Sunday, March 8th

Finally finished my first ever blanket!
I also cut a hole in my pj pants in the process of snipping the ends. (I am pretty bummed about it too-they are one of my mediums that I now fit into...) Now, as a beginner, this is the blanket to do. Because of the *ragginess* of it, you can't tell how uneven everything is as much;) Word to the wise. Be sure to pre-wash everything. My creamy owl squares are now a pretty pale pink....
Monday, March 9th

Christian's LOVES frozen peaches.
I love them too. Bought a big organic bag at Costco. Yumm.
Tuesday, March 10th
Marryn found a quiet spot to play. A spot she was hoping Reganne wouldn't bother her. Good luck honey!
Wednesday, March 11th
Reganne has been having some behavioral problems. Nothing major, but enough that we feel it is beyond the "She's 2" point. As I have been praying about her, I feel strongly that she is just needing a little more attention from me. That she is struggling with the 'middle child syndrome.' So I have, the best I can, been trying to give her just a little more.
We even went out shopping together one day. Just the two of us. Of course, half way through, she asked if we could go home now;)
Thursday, March 12th
Marryn got her hair cut. She's been begging for weeks now. She hates it down and in her face (hmm, wonder where she gets that from...) and greets me every morning with a rubber band and brush. Funny enough, when the lady finished cutting it and asked her how she wanted to style it, Marryn asked for a ponytail! The lady looked at me a little worried, so we had to show her that it was a little too short for a ponytail...and that is what she asked for...
Friday, March 13th
Yeah! Christian signed milk, intentionally, for the first time. He's done it before, but only when excited or upset (the sign is opening and closing your hand). But this time he was sitting on the ground, just hanging out, and looked at his hand and started to open and close it very calmly. He then looked up at me with a huge smile! I was so proud! Of course I was eating lunch with a couple of my VT sisters and didn't pick him up to nurse him...shame on me! But later that night he did it again, and this time (after trying to take a picture-I'm so bad!) I did give him some milk.
Saturday, March 14th
An excellent example of how my purse is all I need.
We met up with a high school friend of Joey's (and his wife) in Castle Rock for dinner.
Three young kids at a Mexican restaurant...
What did I bring?
Just my purse of course. Everything I need is in there!
(But yes, there was a spare pair of jammies for Christian in the car.)

Project 365-Week 10

Sunday, March 1st

I found these adorable dresses at the Gymboree Outlet (Not Gap? Shame on me!). I was so excited for the girls to wear them for church and then, as we're leaving, Reganne had a dirty diaper...and yes, it was so dirty, we had to not only change her dress, but pop her in the tub.... Needless to say, we were late (to 1:30 pm Church) yet again.
Monday, March 2nd

I finally got around to cleaning our air filters. When we moved in and had our air conditioner installed, we also had a humidifier and electronic air cleaner put in. Every few months, we're suppose to shut down the system (we have our fan running constantly) and run these (and some other filters not shown) through the dishwasher.
Lucky for us, we had 70* weather! Sure didn't need our furnace on!
Tuesday, March 3rd
He's finally sitting, at nearly 8 months...
I love this stage!
Wednesday, March 4th
Silly girl.
I was trying to take her picture, and she couldn't stop laughing!
Thursday, March 5th
Christian still doesn't grasp the concept of a bottle.
He doesn't even try to suck on it.
Just plays with it, gnawing away as the water drips down his face.
Friday, March 6th
After our YW's activity where the girls made their Trek bonnets and aprons, I was motivated to pull out the blanket I started last January (January of '08 ) that I hadn't touched since.
I am not a sewer, although I'd really like to be, and this was my first project.
Saturday, March 7th
My kids hate these kind of baby things (swings, exersaucers, walkers, etc) as babies...
Except for the bouncer, these toys would only buy me a few minutes before they'd start crying. I even got rid of some of them before moving (while pregnant even) and yet, people keep giving them "back" to us.
Oh well. At least someone enjoys sitting in it.
She hated the old one we had when she was a baby.


the mother ship

The Mother Ship.

Or in my case, The Small Rescue Boat.

I have learned over the past few years, that I don't need to carry with me every little thing the kids might need. Or want. No. As Marryn moved out of the baby stage I found the need for a diaper bag to be, well, I didn't really need one. A diaper, wipes and a snack or two with her sippy cup was all we really needed. Carrying a big bag around, pointless. So I added a few things to my purse and my load was lightened. Then Reganne came along. And although I would need a little more, I didn't have the arms to lug around the diaper bag. So into my purse went a few more items. I did have a diaper bag, stocked permanently in the car (of which I rarely even needed). This was working out great for us.

Just before adding another babe to the picture, I found the PERFECT purse at TJ Max. It has been great. In this *medium sized* purse, I keep 2 diapers (one for each diapered kid) on one side with my phone, on the other side I keep a package of wipes and disposable changing pad (super easy and fast to get to!). In the main compartment I have snacks, a plug, a small toy, stickers, bandaids and spray neosporin (after Marryn's little "runover" incident) plus my wallet, coupon case, sunglasses and a few other necessities (pen, chapsticks, lotion, ibuprofen, etc.). And the girls are in charge of their own waters. Everyone also has their own "car" blanket. So here we are, I have everything I would need all the time with me, condensed into one little purse. Excellent.

Now on the rare(er) occasion that Christian has a blowout, well, there is an extra onesie and sleeper in the car. Or in the case of last week, I just purchased a new outfit, some Gap jammies ;).


Project 365-Week 9

Sunday, Feb 22nd
Another Sunday. Finally, we all made it to church, sort of. Joey was busy with Friends of Scouting. Then the evening was full of Home Teaching and YW meetings.
Monday, Feb 23rd

Our first shopping trip without Christian's infant seat. I chose Costco. LOVE the 2 seater carts! But as you can tell, Reganne is not too fond of them (stay right with you Mom, pease!). And Christian (despite huge girl influence) is showing signs of being a boy, reaching to pull Marryn's hair.
Tuesday, Feb 24th
Christian loves buttons!
Wednesday, Feb 25th
Reganne got up early, and was quietly playing in my room while Christian and I were sleeping and Joey was in the shower. Suddenly she was gone. And suddenly I remembered the two batches of cupcakes I had made the night before (for YW's New Beginnings) sitting on the island. I rushed downstairs, expecting the worse, but found Reganne finishing up just one chocolate "muffin." But upon examining the rest, we found one cupcake missing a few bites. We asked Reganne if she ate some of it and she replied, "jus a litle bit." Apparently she didn't like the yellow ones as much as the chocolate ones.
Thursday, Feb 26th

I made an appointment with our local police department to have a carseat check. Car safety is big for me, hence why the kids ride in very expensive, top rated seats (thank you eBay!). I've read awful stories (YouTube is full of them) about kids, especially those "big" enough to be in booster seats, dying in very minor car accidents (why Marryn will be in a 5 point harness for awhile still). I've also read that car accidents are the number one cause of accidental death of kids. So with this in mind, I don't want to take any chances. I am the one who always puts in the carseats and I am proud to report that the inspector was very impressed. Those seats are in there tight!
For those mothers out there, I just want to make a point. There really is no such thing as the "safest" carseat. A carseat is only safe when it is installed correctly. 90% of carseats are not installed correctly. They need to be tight, with no movement more than an inch side to side. (When I install them, I sit in them myself to put on as much weight, and then tighten it to the seat. Yes, it leaves wicked indents on the seats, but who cares. This is your child's life we're considering.) The straps for a forward facing child need to be at or above shoulder height while at or below shoulder height for a rear facing baby, with the chest clip at about the armpit. And if you can, keep your babies rear facing as long as you can (ignore that 'at least 1 year and 20 lbs' rule). The Britax seats are often recommended because they are SO easy to install correctly. But there are some other great seats out there as well. In addition, don't put your 30 lb toddler in a booster seat. They are just not physically able to handle the impact of any crash. In fact, it's actually recommended that you keep you child rear facing, until about 30 lbs. Now, I'm no expert (even though I sound like it, huh?), nor have I done everything right (I turned the girls at 1 year and 22 lbs...), but I find this great blog, which has alot of info. Hope you check it out.
Friday, Feb 27th

Christian finally caught on (dang it).
If I keep rolling, I can get somewhere.
Well, until I roll into something.
(And yes, I'm the mean mom who took a dozen pictures of him in distress before helping him....)
Saturday, Feb 28th

These were my handouts for my Young Women. They're always given handouts, because every lesson is the most important one (am I right?), but I really wanted to make something that a bunch of teens would like and keep around.

the role of women

I am our ward's 2nd Counselor in the Young Women's. And I love it. It's a lot of work and I still can't help but feel intimidated by the girls, but I love it all the same. In our ward, the Advisers do all the Sunday teachings (yeah!), except for the first Sundays when the Presidency takes turns each month. So this Sunday was my day to teach. I am not a teacher. Standing up in front of people (even teenage girls) makes me a little anxious, although I'm getting *better* at it. But as I was looking over the lesson a few weeks ago, I was so excited for this topic. The lesson development?
We Accept the Lord's View of the Roles of Women.
So I had been thinking about it throughout the week, and then Friday (yes, way to wait to the last minute) I did my Visiting Teaching (and was visit taught myself;) and what was the topic?
Understanding the Divine Roles of Women.
How grateful I am for the Lord and the knowledge I have of Him and His teachings. And how grateful I am for the role He has given me as a woman. I am to be a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister. And there is no more a noble calling than that.
Through Facebook, I've gotten in contact with alot of high school classmates. I went to a small high school on the Western Slope (about 70 in my graduating class) and there was only one other member of the church in my class. (Well, 2, but he wasn't all into it....) But don't get me wrong, there were a ton of great kids at my school who had good values. As I'm catching up with these classmates, I'm finding some are married, some have kids, and some are both married with kids and some are neither. And most work. Some are teachers, some are nurses, and some are even doctors and a few, just a few are stay-at-home-moms. So then they ask in a roundabout way, what do you do, what have you been up to? And I have to admit, I almost feel ashamed to say I stay home with my kids. No, didn't finish school. Don't have a career. Don't have a job. Didn't make a place out there in the world for myself.
I HATE that I feel this way.
Because THIS, being a wife and a mom, is what I chose. What I wanted. I cringe thinking about getting up and going to a job, leaving my kids with someone else (and it wouldn't matter who!). I do dream about the day I continue my education. Not get a degree, just continue learning. As far as I'm considered, I don't need the degree, I just want more knowledge. I want to know more to help aid my family. That's why I gave up pediatrics. Yes, as I graduated high school, I wanted to attend med school to become a pediatrician. (ha!) But it always weighed on my mind, but how am I going to take care of my family...? My first semester I took an advanced nutrition course and LOVED it! And I instantly knew what I was going to do. Not be, do. I was going to study nutrition, learn all this great stuff to better raise a family and then I'd work until I had a family. (Who knew that family would come long before the education finished!)
So why do I feel this way? I am doing just what I want. I am doing just what the Lord wants. So why?
It's society. Society has taught us this is right. That raising kids is for lower educated or specifically educated women and college students just getting by. Or Grandmas. Not for an educated, strong woman. It has taught us that changing diapers, reading stories and playing Barbies, while anxiously awaiting our husband's return from work, is not something that will make a difference in our society. It has taught us to look out for ourselves, do what we want.
As I was going through my lesson, I was really struck by what it said.
The worldly views of women's roles is false partly because it is selfcentered. It focuses so much on a woman's rights to receive that it almost ignores her opportunities to give.
That's it! There it is, written right before my eyes. And written years ago (we all know how old those manuals are;). Now for those teachers and nurses and doctors, well yes, those are all very giving jobs. The most important in my mind. So I have nothing to say to those women who take on those roles, other than, thank you. Thank you so very much. But as for myself, and the many other women who chose (or would chose if they could) to stay home and take care of their families, way to go! You have taken on the most unselfish and giving job there is (you can refer to my past post about moms for that one). And the most important. To quote President Spencer W. Kimball, both from the YW and Visiting Teaching lesson,
"To be a righteous woman is a glorious thing in any age. To be a righteous woman during the winding up scenes on this earth, before the second coming of our Saviour, is an especially noble calling.... She has been placed here to help to enrich, to protect, and to guard the home - which is society's basic and most noble institution."
I am so grateful that I get to stay home. I know there are many moms out there who wish they could too, but don't have a choice and my heart goes out to them. I know that I am blessed. I have been blessed to be a wife and a mother. And I know that my calling is tougher than I ever imagined, but it will reap the greatest rewards. Through my *mundane* day to day life, I am shaping children who will grow with opportunities to become great influences, whether through a job, a calling, or through becoming a mom themselves. And I am so grateful for the Lord and His Church, and the many members who strive to follow his teachings. It is a great, great strength in my life. And I am so grateful for our Prophet, President Monson, who always thanks the mothers of our current leaders and members.
And I am grateful for my own mom, who stayed home with us.


Project 365-Week 8

Sunday, Feb 15th

Poor Christian.
A boy living in a girls' world....
Monday, Feb 16th

Super Size, Super Size
The American Way
Throw it Down, Throw it Down
All Day Every Day
Yes, we watched this movie. Good motivator to avoid the fast food joints. Although I never go to McDonalds. No, Sonic and Taco Bell are my fav places. Are they any better? No, not really....
Tuesday, Feb 17th

A rare occasion. Reganne in a bath all to herself.
Wednesday, Feb 18th

I was washing our bedroom windows and Reganne was just memorized by the "view". Maybe I should pull up the blinds a little more often....
Thursday, Feb 19th

Marryn's new Britax Frontier Carseat/Booster arrived today! Here she is, trying it out, *texting* Dad on her *Blackberry*.
Friday, Feb 20th

Christian has officially outgrown his infant seat (ok, so it was like a month ago...). But instead of getting him a new seat, we upgraded Marryn, moved Reganne up and now Christian gets the original Britax we bought. He doesn't mind one bit though!
Saturday, Feb 21st

Our new food storage shelf. And I put it together all by myself :). Although I couldn't lift the box to save my life. I was barely able to help Joey move it from the car (the Costco guys put it into the car) and had to "slide" my end down the stairs into the basement.
I think we're going to get another one...we don't have nearly enough food storage and yet the shelf is already close to full...