Project 365-Week 5

Sunday, Jan 25th

Christian's cute Church outfit. It was originally bought for Landen. BabyGap of course.

Monday, Jan 26th

Marryn picked out dinner. Fish sticks, green beans and carrots.
And these fish sticks from Whole Foods are excellent!
I love Whole Foods. We have one 5 minutes from our house. Love it. Just love it.

Tuesday, Jan 27th

The girls are doing their Yoga. Marryn was really into it. Reganne, not so much. But again, she is only 2....

Wednesday, Jan 28th

Wednesdays are Mutual days. These are 2 of my Young Women (of my 6 Beehives). The quiet/shy/timid ones. For some *odd* reason, I can really relate to them. And because of that same reason, I have a hard time connecting with them....

Thursday, Jan 29th

Old Navy balls. Yes, everytime we go, we must get a ball. And now that Reganne is older, we must get 2.... Hey, it's a cheap bribe! (And again, Old Navy is only 5 minutes from our house. I love where we live!)

Friday, Jan 30th

"Hot and Fire please."
Yes. Instead of my Mild sauce I always get lots of, I now have to get Hot and Fire.
Because Marryn asks for it. She likes it hot.
She wanted a burrito for lunch and proceeded to gather everything she would need. Tortillas, cheese and Taco Bell sauces. So that is what she had. A *cheese* burrito with Hot and Fire sauce on it. (However, Taco Bell is not so close...it's like 15 minutes away....)

Saturday, Jan 31st

The girls were playing.... It's their car/train/bus/airplane.... They even have Dad's belts as their seatbelts.

3 happy thoughts:

Laine said...

these pics are so fun! I love Christian's outfit...and his crib sheet - so sharp! i'll have to look for old navy balls next time i get there...i've never noticed them!

G'Ma Jean said...

Thanks for the "peek" of your week! Squeezes for all those sweet babies. XO G'Ma Jean

Kim said...

I love the Car/train thing. What great imaginations they have!

I hear Marryn and her love for taco bell sauce. I usually try to have a stash as well. I haven't been to taco bell in a couple of years though. I'm still blaming it for the weight gain when we lived together and ate it everyday for a year.