my valentines

My Sweet Heart.

She has my heart.

My Little Heart Breaker.

4 happy thoughts:

momanddad said...

You can tell the kids like to have their pictures taken. Not like you and Kim when you were little. Maybe we didn't start early enough. Your kids are so darn cute, can hardly wait to see them in person. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. lOVE Grandma and Grandpa

Ashli Dardenne said...

These pictures are AMAZING! Your children are so beautiful. I love it! Great job....on taking awesome pictures and making cute kids.

G'Ma Jean said...

kiss, hug, squeeze....kiss, hug, squeeze.....kiss, hug, squeeze.......I Love Them So!!
Kels - how about a video of each of the girls singing their favorite Primary song?!! :-)
G'Ma Jean

Kim said...

Cute pictures. I agree with my Mom, you can totally tell your kids get their pictures taken a lot. I wish I could scan that picture of us when we were 3 and 1 in, when we are both crying... priceless.