Project 365-Week 7

Sunday, Feb 8th

Reganne was the first to get a cold, starting up Saturday. Sunday I stayed home from church with the kids (Joey was teaching Elder's Quorum). By that night, Marryn was getting it....
Monday, Feb 9th

She whines and whines and whines!
But what is worse, a simple cold can really affect her lungs. And sure enough, she started breathing 'bad' (have to actually watch her chest for, um, forgot what it is called...) and so out comes the nebulizer. Luckily the bad breathing was very short lived, only that day. The cold however continued on and on and on...
Tuesday, Feb 10th
I know I've put up a picture like this before, but I thought it was so funny.
Here is Reganne, in bed asleep with a book called "I Am NOT Going to Get up Today!"
Wednesday, Feb 4th
The kids are still sick. Joey had to work late (really really late-didn't get home until 8pm, and then worked until 5am, slept for an hour then had to get up for the day). So I missed Mutual.
Thursday, Feb 12th
Since Joey was working from home, I left Reganne napping and took just the other 2 with me to the grocery store. Well, typically I put Reganne in the seat of the cart, prop the carseat with Christian over the back of the it and Marryn walks. Well since Reganne wasn't with us, I put Christian in the seat (with carseat still). It was really windy and sunny, so as we were walking into King Soopers, I was trying to hurry and block the sun from Christian's eyes with my head. In other words, I wasn't really paying attention. Suddenly I felt the cart run over something. I look down to see Marryn on the ground with both shoes a few feet back. She had tripped and yes, I RAN OVER HER HAND! So I threw her into the cart, picked up her shoes and hurried into the store. There I pulled off her glove (luckily she was wearing them) to find a huge chunk of skin scrapped off her thumb. And it was bleeding. Then she saw it. Oh dear. I begged her not to look as I headed to the first aid aisle. Got some of that spray Neosporin (great stuff!) and some cheap Snoopy bandaids (King Soopers is NOT the place to buy this stuff). She was a mope the rest of the day.
But then while cooking dinner I overhear her tell Reganne,
"I need to ride in the stroller because I hurt my thumb. Now push me around."
Friday, Feb 13th
Christian only really came down with a stuffed nose. He is still just the happiest baby ever! Well, as long as he's getting some attention.
Saturday, Feb 14th
I {hEaRt} My Boy!

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Cute pictures as always. I hate having sick kids. I feel for you. I feel kind of bad that I am cracking up right now thinking about Marryn when she gets sick.

Steve just asked me what I was laughing at. When I told him that I was just thinking about Marryn when she gets sick he started laughing too. Sorry. We do love her dearly! We wouldn't never laugh if it was more than a cold! Try some more skittles, she'll be better in no time :)

Our Family Happenings said...

Sorry about the sick kiddos. Tis the season! I hope that they are all feeling better now. It seems like it just passes from kid to kid, to adult, to kid. I love seeing pictures of all of your cute, cute kids!

momanddad said...

Sounds like Marryn takes after her great grandpa gary. Talk about whineing, ask your mom about that one. Hope they are feeling better now. I think skittles will do the trick. I could give you some old fashion remedies, but you would probably just laugh like Steven and Kim do.
Only 4 more weeks until we see you. Ya Hoo

Laine said...

I love your photography...your blog is so fun to come read!!