Project 365-Week 6

Sunday, Feb 1st

SuperBowl Sunday.
Go Cardinals!
A few years ago, when the Broncos started to sway a little, Joey decided he wanted a 'backup' team to cheer for. At first I laughed at him for choosing the Cardinals, (why not pick a good team?), but then here they are just a few years later, in the SuperBowl!
It was a real shame they lost though.
Monday, Feb 2nd

My new blender/mini food processor.
Tuesday, Feb 3rd

Marryn wears tights and her 'clippty-clop' shoes (and only sometimes a skirt) every chance she gets.
On this day she also found some knee-high nylons...
Wednesday, Feb 4th
I joined a Temple Group with our Ward. Every other month there is a trip. You drive twice and if you have kids, you stay behind and babysit twice. So this was the first trip. I signed up to babysit for the first 2 trips, my first Temple visit will be in June. I'm hoping by then Christian will either take a bottle/sippycup or just won't need anything during that time;).
Thursday, Feb 5th
Spinach Quesadillas.
Most people have bread as a staple.
We have tortillas. And cheese and sour cream. And avocados.
Friday, Feb 6th

We went to the mall play place. The girls LOVED it!
Saturday, Feb 7th
Phineas and Ferb.
Our new favorite cartoon.
Although, it is for a little older kids....you know, like Joey. he he
This was also the start of the dreaded cold the kids got....

1 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Look at you breaking out! Way to sign up for something! I'm so proud of you. I bet your girls loved having someone over to play! And then taking them to the mall. Wow!

Marryn's fashion statement is hilarious! I really thought that was you at first. LOL!