goodbye old friend

Well, it finally reached it's last leg. It still works, but we know that it's time is short.
This blender was my high school graduation gift from my parents. This Spring it would be 10 years old. (Yikes, am I really that old??) It was a great blender. For the first few years it was primarily used for milkshakes. After working at IntaJuice, I learned how to make yummy smoothies. We then got into pureed soups (of which we eventually purchased a handheld blender...). But we knew it was going to need replacing when it started burning as I mixed up a salad dressing the other night....
So this is what we got.
I had been eyeing this guy for awhile. I really, REALLY want the Cuisinart food processor, but just can't bring myself to get it. We don't have one now, so did we really need to spend money on one at this point? So, as I thought and thought (this was a big decision for me you know), I decided to get the blender PLUS mini food processor.
I haven't tried it out yet, so I can't tell you how great it is, "but look how shiny!"
(Yes, that is a movie, ur, TV quote. Any guesses?)

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Love the shine. You are going to have to tell me where that tv quote is from. it's going to make me crazy.
Love the new pictures of the kids, glad the camera is getting put to good use.

I have also already started planning our week together. So far I have 3 days planned and every night. (And the days are free :) We are going to have fun!

Ashli Dardenne said...

That's the blender that I have! You are going to love it, although we hardly ever use ours. I guess milkshakes would be the only thing, and of course smoothies. I learned so much from Inta Juice. =)

momanddad said...

Your mom remembers given you the blender, guess it was pass time for a new one. Sure is shinny, after you used it is it still shinny? Our washer quit, so we just brought an old one over from the old house. Doesn't sound to good, but we still have one more to go. Oh well, Love ya

Kelsey said...

BTW-quote is from Friends. Ross says it about his new car he gets when he turns thirty (The One Where They All Turn Thirty-Season 7).