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My friend Annie posted this on her blog. I love it and wanted to share it as well.

(Sorry, it's hard to read. I made it as big as I could, and it doesn't get much bigger if you click on it...)
Although it may be directed to those without kids, I personally took it as a reassurance that I'm doing okay. I sometimes wonder myself, "what do I do all day?" and "why am I always so tired?" Whether I know it or not, I am constantly doing something even if I currently have nothing to show for it.

And if you want a little more pick me up, I have a great quote posted over on the side of my blog, 'Why I Do What I Do'.

4 happy thoughts:

SaraJoy said...

Amen! That's pretty much all there is to say to that. And bless you forever for doing what you do and doing it so well! Love you.

Melissa King said...

I saw this on FaceBook and I loved it for that very reason. I DO have a reason to be so tired and worn out. I feel justified.

Kim said...

That pretty much sums it up. I feel like I could have even added more to the list. At least I don't feel as guilty for not staying in contact with more of my friends. We can't do it all. :)

Laine said...

I really like this Kelsey! The part that struck me was "constant use of your voice". I have wondered in the past why I get so tired, just by speaking. I am not a big talker...I like comfortable silence, I like to think and I don't like to talk for hours on end...and with kids I have found it a big struggle to answer their endless questions...to speak, ALL THE TIME, every hour, of every day. It wears me out, just to speak! I have wondered what is wrong with me before...but as I read this, it struck me that it takes so much effort and energy to tell a child why the sky is blue, or to describe what "obedience" or "tolerance" means (we get these questions ALL THE TIME!...what does that mean...funny how we take for granted our large adult vocabulary). We teach, every moment, every movement, every sound...we are teaching....our children are watching and listening, and it is EXHAUSTING!! That's why we are tired. :) Thanks for sharing this.