Project 365-Week 3

Sunday, Jan 11th
My Aunt Kim's 31st birthday! Yes, she is my aunt (my mom's youngest sister) and she is only 3 years older than me. And, our kids go ages 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0. Isn't that fun! She is my absolute best friend. Someday we hope to be much closer to her and her family (she's in Mesa).
Monday, Jan 12th
This is a very common site at our home. Sports on TV (currently the sport of the year is basketball) and Reganne, less than a foot away. No, she hasn't shown huge amounts of interest in sports for say. No, her and Marryn show huge amounts of interest in what Daddy's watching. It's really cute. But they will occasionally put up a fight when he changes their cartoons....;)
And, Christian is officially 6 months....:(
Tuesday, Jan 13th
Christian and his Dad. They were playing. Playing "toss me up again and make me laugh even more before I puke all over you!"
Wednesday, Jan 14th
We rented (for free!) Kung Fu Panda from the Library. The girls watched it upstairs with me while I worked on the computer (doing what, who knows). They watched it later with dad too. He liked it so much we returned this one and bought (way to save $$) our own copy. Jack Black rules!
Thursday, Jan 15th
Christian had his 6 month check up. He's not so big anymore...17.1 lbs (50%), 26.25 inches (50%) and his head was 17 inches (48%). Then why does he seem so big to me?? He's average! And yes, he is now a quarter of an inch past the height limit on his seat (not to mention it "expired" in Dec-whatever that means). But I think we're going to hang on just a little bit more... He also got some shots. Marryn was once again freaked out by them, trying to hide in the cupboard... He cried for a second, then was good.
Friday, Jan 16th
All day long Marryn was looking through my magazines. One Pottery Barn Kids (her favorite, she asked where the other ones where and when I said I recycled them, she got all upset, "Mom, don't do that! I want to look at them still!"), some scrapbooking ones and a useless organizing one. All day she looked at them. In the playroom, on the couch, upstairs. For whatever reason, she was way into them.
Saturday, Jan 17th
We drove up to Fort Collins for the day to hang out with Brian and Brandony. Brian had to coach his ward's YM basketball team (Joey got to ref the game-he was excited about that) and then we went to a really fancy park. It was packed! But really what did we expect? A beautiful Saturday day in January? Of course everyone and their dog (there is a dog park there too) was there! Brandony and I followed the girls around while the boys chatted. We really miss them! We had planned on visiting Landen's grave but didn't get to. We were bummed about that.

2 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

Ahhh, You're my best friend too. I wish the economy would hurry up and get better so you guys could get your buns down here! We will have tons of fun!
I love the picture of Joey and Christian. Priceless.
What's up with Marryn and the magazines? You're not making her crazy like yourself are you?
Sounds like a fun trip to Fort Collins. That's awesome that you are close enough to do that. Wish you were closer to me!

Laine said...

Kelsey, my dad is in teh bishopric in Brandony's ward. He told me that yesterday he was sitting on the stand when he remembered he hadn't asked anyone to say the closing prayer, so, he looked up, saw brandony and decided on her. When he got up he said, "And the closing prayer will be given by Brandony Lesser.." and looked at her. She looked up in surprise! Small world, maybe I will meet her someday. :)