my 'handy' hubs

I was raised by a "handyman." I have 3 brothers who are handy. I have grandpas and uncles and the such who are handy. In our family, if something broke or needed fixed, whatever it may be, we (and by we I mean "the men") just fixed it. Even if they didn't know how, they managed to figure it out. And always, ALWAYS, did an impeccable job at it.

Well, my dear sweet hubby is not such a handy man. Although his dad and brothers are, he spent most his time growing up with his mom and didn't quite learn those kind of skills. But every once in awhile, he surprises me and makes me so proud!

Since we moved into our home in May, we have had to deal with lukewarm showers. The bathtub and sinks get hot, but not our shower. Throughout the summer it wasn't so big of a deal. But these past months have been rough. So the other morning I woke up to find a toolbox on our bed. Joey had had enough! He took apart our shower handle and adjusted the safety clip thing to allow for hotter water to come through. YeeHa! I have had some of the best showers lately!

And then there was last fall. Just before Thanksgiving Joey hit a deer. In Fort Collins. In front of a gas station. Fortunately he was in the Yukon that has the big grill on the front of it (this was my parents car, they had put the grill on it just for this purpose when they lived on the Western Slope aka "Deer Country"). So the damage to the car was small, but it did break the headlight. But unfortunately, because this was my parents car still (about a month later the title was transferred to us...), so was the insurance and we (my parents included) were a little apprehensive to go through them for repairs... Estimates to fix the car were about $2500. So for a mere $200, Joey bought a new headlight and installed it himself. He installed a headlight. On a car. And it is still working! In addition, he even managed to fix some of the bend hood.



Now, as handy as my husband has proven to be, I probably won't be getting him to do some of my other "projects" I want done, such as put on a porch railing and re-tile the fireplace (yes, that is the same tile on the fireplace that is in our bathroom....). His handiness is more out of a necessity, not want;) That and we really don't have a budget for that kind of stuff....

4 happy thoughts:

Amparo said...

It's nice when you have a handy man in the house. It makes you appreciate things a lot more, I think so anyways!

The Simon Fam said...

Kelsey! There are tons of places that sell 12X12 tile for $1.00 each. Which would mean it would cost, what, $18.00 to re-tile your whole fireplace? GO FOR IT! :) (Do you have a tile cutter?) Good luck! And congrats on having a mostly-handy husband...isn't it great?!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh Kelsey, I so could have written this post. Same story. Matt's dad and funny enough his sister are both are construction managers and Matt, well he isn't the "handiest" when it comes to that. Two weeks ago he changes the spark plugs in my van. Seriously I was soo proud. I have tiled a bathroom and that fireplace is a job you can totally do yourself. With the right tools. Funny... Megan

Kim said...

I am impressed. Good job Joey! It is a step in the right direction. :)