Project 365-Week 4

Sunday, Jan 18th
Kisses for my baby!
Monday, Jan 19th
Another common site at our house.
A girl. In bed. With a book. Asleep.
Tuesday, Jan 20th
I found these beach towels at Pottery Barn Kids on clearance one year. I was saving them for, you know, when we go swimming. Well I finally pulled them out to find that they were wraps. I LOVE THEM! They are the best towels for kids. Love the hood and just the perfect size. I am now on the lookout for more *sale* ones.
Wednesday, Jan 21st
My first SLR (or is it SRL?) camera. It is a dream come true! After Marryn was born, we bought our first digital camera. And looking back, it was a good purchase. I was just getting into photography (nothing like a new baby to do that to you) and was learning the "language." I really wanted the SLR one, but couldn't afford it (FYI-paid as much for this one as we did for our first digital camera...) and really didn't know much about it (ie. how to use it). Well, I have learned alot these past 4 years and had outgrown our camera. So as a Christmas gift, with a little of the Christmas money we got, I finally was able to get my own Canon Digital Rebel XS. It is the "lowest" model, only, you know 10 megapixals and all ;), but the perfect one for me! And I have been lovin' it like crazy! In fact, I don't even use the auto mode!
Thursday, Jan 22nd
Christian found his toes!
Friday, Jan 23rd

Okay, so I couldn't decide which picture to use....
Dad reading the girls stories (with Daddy's Bronco blanket).
The girls reading Christian stories.
Saturday, Jan 24th
Saturday morning cartoons. Usually Dad is watching with them, but he was off making breakfast enchiladas. Mmmmm.

1 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

The pictures are adorable! The one of you and Christian would be perfect if his beany wasn't the broncos :)