Project 365-Week 2

Sunday, Jan 4th

Ah, 1:30 church. (And yet, we were still late....) Beats 8:30 anyday.

Monday, Jan 5th

Christian's first food. He DID NOT like it.

Tuesday, Jan 6th

The kids and I went to the Gap Outlet. I turned around for a second and Reganne had on a new pair of shoes. Of course Marryn had to try some on too...(usually, it's the other way around though...)

Wednesday, Jan 7th

A new found love. Hot Apple Cider.

Thursday, Jan 8th

Big Sis taken care of Christian. He was really fussy and crying, but I had to put him down for a second. So I gave him to Marryn and he soon stopped crying. I came back to find this.

Friday, Jan 9th

Yeah! Christian rolled over. Finally. He's just days away from being 6 months! (And yes, he's still in the same jammies as the day before....)


Saturday, Jan 10th

The Christmas tree and decorations are finally down and put away.... The house looks so bare now.

4 happy thoughts:

Melissa King said...

First of all...if your kids could get ANY cuter, I would throw up! They are so adorable. I wish we lived closer again.

Second, Cody stays in his jammies most days. It's mostly because he hates clothes and will strip down to his diaper anyways until we leave the house.

Third...you have GOT to try the Carmel Apple Spice from Starbucks. It taste like hot apple pie just melting in your mouth. Gary and I discovered these last winter and get them atleast once a week now. We even found the recipe and make them at home now.

Ashli Dardenne said...

Your kids are so cute. I love the face that Reganne is making. Such a cute "scrunchy smile". We should get together and scrapbook sometime. I'm only about 45 min to an hour north of Colorado Springs.

Kim said...

I LOVE The picture of Christian and Marryn. So cute! I'm glad you shopped on my anniversary. It should be a requirement for everyone.
Your kids are so darn cute! When are you moving closer so they will know me and know how incredibly cool I am :)

Kim said...

Yes, I am still in California. We brought our computer. Wish you were here! I think of your girls every time we go visit the princesses.