actually dressed

As I was looking over our blog, I realized something.  Just about every photo of Christian (even the ones on the scrapbook pages) has him in jammies (and mostly our favs, the monster ones from Grandma;)

I guess it is a good representation of our everyday lives. 

We don't get out too much.

So this morning as I was getting ready, to go out, believe it or not, Christian came up to join me (and make a mess with every move...a whole other post...) and I saw that for once, he was actually dressed.  So I did my best to snap a few photos to document that yes, in fact, I do dress my son, in real clothes, every once in awhile. :)

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

LOL!!!! That is so funny! I never realized it until you mentioned. I'm envious, lucky boy. I wouldn't mind living in p.j.'s

Miss Elaine said...

I love your blog...I think it might be my favorite. Congrats on the upcoming new family member. And I want you to know I am not a cyber-stalker, I just love keeping up with my preschool families.
Miss Elaine
PS-you guys have great musical taste, love your music

Megan said...

He is so dang cute! I love his little toothy grin :) ( and oh,my, goodness do him and reganne look exactly the same)...

LeighSabey said...

Kelsey, thanks for the laundry tip! And I think Christian looks perfectly adorable in his PJ's :). I just saw on your blog that your due date is 4/9...wow, I didn't realize it was that soon! Do your babies typically come early, on time, or late?