spelling words

Since Marryn started Kindergarten, I have come to a conclusion (and one that I highly suspected).

Kindergarten is not what it use to be.

Her spelling words for last week:


At least she still gets snack time:)

3 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

I TOTALLY agree!!! What has happened? I so don't remember kindergarden being so serious. Goodness gracious. Good thing Marryn is smart :)
BTW, do your kids just pose for your pictures like that or do you kind of help them? Amazing. I swear, I need to practice some more. No, No, NO...I need kids that will cooperate and not run around like crazy animals and say " Oh Mom, come on" and then smile for 1 second and then say "Ok, let me see it" as they move just as I'm snapping it.

Rhitzclan said...

Wow! Kindergarten IS still what it used to be here in Hawaii! Lots of coloring, cut and pasting! Hunter is loving. Although his spelling and reading isn't anywhere NEAR what I'm sure Marryn's is!

MK said...

KELSEY!!! Your kids seriously couldn't BE any cuter! And you know I have been considering charter school for my kids and you have definitely sold me on that. I have already put Cody into the lottery for 2011. Hopefully he turns out as smart as Marryn.
I was so disappointed when I heard that at the end of kindergarten (here in the public schools) they need to know their shapes, colors, letters and be able to write their names. Umm...Cody is 3 and he can do that now! Hopefully he gets into the charter school.