"but mulan did"

Any guesses as to what exactly Reganne was referring to?

Yep, she did it. 
She chopped off (some of) her hair. 
But *lucky* for her, she's got her mom's hair. 
Doesn't really show...except for those short little bangs she gave herself, partially pulled back in the barrette...

And way to blame it on her favorite princess.
That dang Mulan.

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

I knew exactly what you were referring to as soon as I read your title, but then I couldn't tell where she had cut it, so I thought maybe not. You guys and your beautiful hair! I don't know though, maybe she got her curly hair from Joey :)

Ali said...

lol! the whole Mulan thing is funny-- I guess I won't be letting Brynley see that show anytime soon-- I so want to avoid the chopping of her own hair :) Reganne is a doll and her hair is so thick and curly you can't tell at all

Kat said...

I am in love with the lighting in these pictures!! And too funny about the hair. I think all of us girls chopped off our bangs at some point! And yes, she is lucky to have your curls :)

MK said...

Oh no! You are the second one in like two weeks to tell me about something like this. When Hailey gets bigger, I am going to make sure that scissors are well out of her reach!
Atleast she has beautiful hair and is so dang cute she melts my heart!