Marryn turned 4 on Monday, September 8th. She had a great day. Went shopping with me (for eggs for the cake), helped Grandma Jean bake her cake, went to Red Robin for dinner where they sang to her (unlike her mom, she enjoys all the attention!) and then had her "Princess Party" of opening presents and eating strawberry cake with strawberry frosting (we had strawberry ice cream too, she picked them all out, but we "forgot" about it ;)). She even got to wear her "Birthday Girl" shirt (she wore it last year too).

Money from Grandpa Dave * Cash Register from Grandma Jean
Barbie Kelly Dolls and Elephants from Grandma Georgia and Papa
LOTS of Princess Stuff and a Barbie Doll and Car from Mom and Dad
Reganne got a hip Barbie * Christian got a fun shirt

So now for the sad part. The next day I heard a crash coming from the playroom. Then I hear Marryn say, "Ah man." Then I hear a "Ooow." Then a blood curling scream. I run in there and Marryn had knocked over all her markers, crayolas and colored pencils and then walked over them. She had cut her foot, on what, really don't know. So I took her upstairs, trying to calm her down (didn't want to wake Reganne), but she just kept screaming. Then I finally got a good look at her foot. I started shaking a little. I could see the meaty part in the crease under her big toe. I took a few deep breaths, didn't want to freak her out anymore than already, and told her she was going to have to go to the doctor. For some reason, that calmed her down. So I loosely wrapped up her foot, stuck her in the car (with a sucker, to keep her occupied). Got the other two up and in the car and then headed out to the nearby Urgent Care. Drove down the street then turned around, realizing I didn't have shoes on anyone. (Ok, so Reganne was the only one who really needed them...) Got to the Urgent Care (a brand new one about 5 minutes away) and was the only one there. They freaked her out and made her cry hysterically while trying to numb her toe and then finally stitched her up. It was awful. She was crying, Christian was crying, I was trying not to cry.... Reganne was good though. They had 2 nurses holding her leg still and the receptionist trying to comfort Christian, while I tried to calm Marryn down. But then it was over. And so far, everything is good.

She had her annual check-up today. In the 50th percentile for her weight (34 lbs) and 85th percentile for her height (41 inches). I knew she was growing up! All of her 4T pants are way too short, I've had to buy her girl sized 4 slim!

8 happy thoughts:

Melissa King said...

What a sweet little princess! All the kids are so cute. Poor little foot. Hope she heals up good. Sometimes I think it's harder for the momma than the baby, so I hope you are ok too.

Megan said...

What a cute birthday girl! And what a sad owie story. So what did she actually cut her toe on? Sounds like a crazy afternoon. Hope everybody recovers quickly. Hope you guys are doing well. ~ M

Kim said...

She is so adorable! I love all the birthday pictures and especially the hat! I must say Reganne's hair looked very cute too :) I feel so sorry for her poor little toe. That is so sad! She is now officially traumatized. I am traumatized from just reading what happened. Tell her we love her, and tell her happy late birthday.

Our Family Happenings said...

Happy Birthday Marryn! So sorry to hear that she got her toe cut. Man it is the worst when your kids have to get things done to make them better, but it is torture doing it to them. Poor thing, hope her toe heals well. I love all the birthday pictures, she is such a girly girl.

rachael said...

The toe thing sounds not so fun. I'm assuming your husband was working. That had to have been stressful!! I get stressed out if I have to load up all of the kids to take my oldest potty in a public place after they're all settled doing something, or when I'm in the middle of shopping...I think you deserve the Hero Mommy Award.
I hope her toes heal quickly. I actually just had a similar cut about four weeks ago. It's still tender but mostly healed-it's the worst place to get a cut.
Glad things worked out.

Koenig Family Blog said...

Yikes! What a scary thing for you with Marryn's foot! You are super mom dealin with it as well as you did! Marryn is adorable and what a perfect day for a 4 year old!

The Simon Fam said...

Happy Birthday! I'm still hoping Marryn and Ethan get together someday...after all, I'm 2 days older then my husband, and Marryn is 2 days older then Ethan! :) Ok, we'll talk in 20 years! So sad about her cut! Still don't know what she cut it on? That's awful. I had stitches when I was 4 too and they strapped me down to a papoose board with nothing to numb me up! She sure looks cute in her pictures!

The King Family said...

Poor girl, I hate it when stuff happens like that. I hope she is okay. What a fun birthday too. Your kids are so dang cute. AND, the little guy is growing up so fast. I love the pictures of him with his cute little smile. AND, good job on handling things when your hubbie was gone. I don't like when Jace leaves me even overnight, there is just some sense of security when they are home.