rough week

So, Joey has been in Pennsylvania since Sunday. And isn't coming home until Friday night. It's been challenging, to say the least. Reganne was up all Saturday night coughing (coughed so much it woke Marryn up who got in bed with us), and now has a runny nose to go along with the hacking. And she just got over a cold a week ago! Christian had his 2 month check up on Monday (13 lbs 1oz (75%) and 24.5 inches (50%) and head...(50%)) and got 3 shots. He DID NOT like those. So he's been cranky the past few days, just wants to be held. And then Marryn. Tonight she just kept crying, saying her tooth hurt.... Funny, last time Joey went on a business trip I had to deal with a sick child-Marryn. Now she is the WORST sick kid. Just whines and cries, even while she sleeps. So I'm glad she isn't sick...yet.... Anyhow. Here's some fun pictures of Christian. Enjoy!

2 happy thoughts:

christy said...

cute pics. i really want to tell you how funny your kid quotes are. i love the one with the human at the door. hilarious!

Kim said...

I feel for you. I would lose my mind if I didn't have some help at night. It is the relief we need to keep going. So is Marryn's tooth O.K.? Christian is so cute!! Love the pictures!