we survived

Well, I picked up Joey Friday night. We survived! The kids were so excited to see him, as was I of course... but then he got sick (cold with sinus stuff)... so it was almost like I was alone again... almost. (He's better now, even made it back to work today.)

Playing Pat-a-Cake with Daddy

Saturday I took Marryn to get her stitches out. Again, not a great experience (she screamed the minute the doctor walked into the room...) but they are out. They put sutures on, which will fall off when they fall off. Otherwise, her toe looked good. So funny story. She gets out of the car when we get to the Urgent Care and starts walking toward the sidewalk (or 'sideywalk' as she still calls it) but of course isn't really watching where she is going. Runs right into the metal rail. Totally knocks herself onto her bum, flip flops come flying off! I could not help but laugh. (What kind of mom am I??) She whimpered just a little; I think she was actually embarrassed. But she was fine nevertheless.

Marryn's First Stitches

4 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

LOL!!!! Poor Marryn! She can't catch a break! That is an awesome picture of her with her toe! Good Job! And Christian's pictures are adorable! I love the big smiles!

Melissa King said...

That's funny! I probably would have laughed too. All the new pictures are so cute. HOORAY for having Joey home again!

Megan said...

That is the coolest picture of Marryn and her stitches. Glad Joey made it home and it looks like Reganne and Christian are glad too. ~M

Elaine said...

That picture of the stitches made my tummy do a flip! I'm glad Joey's back...what a relief you must feel!