i hate carpet

I hate carpet. I really do. If I had a little (ok, more like a lot) of extra money, I'd rip out every square inch of carpet and replace it with hardwood. I'd get a couple of nice thick wool rugs and throw those down in the living room and bedrooms. But no wall to wall carpet. And no carpet on the stairs.

Today I was trying to vacuum my stairs. For the first time since we moved in. (I've done a few stairs, only where the crappy hose-thing would reach from the bottom....) Well, the vacuum fell over and hit my arm really hard (yes, I know, I'm kind of a wuss, blah blah blah, Joey...). But it really did hurt and I can even feel the knot on my arm. I couldn't even cut up my french toast Joey made for us (it was my right arm that got hit). I felt retarded as he leaned over the table to cut up my food. It was like an assembly line; Reganne on one end, then me, then Marryn on the other end.... My arm does feel better now, but still. And my stairs aren't even half vacuumed! If they were wood, all I'd have to do is take a damp rag and wipe. That's it. My kitchen and dining room floors are so much cleaner than the rest of the house and all because they are easier/quicker to clean. Then there is that whole asthma and allergy problem our family is doomed to face.... Anyhow. I'm just complaining. It's not just a so-called "need", I really just like the look of hardwood floors.

Don't they look so nice. And the girls look pretty cute too;)

2 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

You and your carpet. I feel bad you got hurt, but I am still laughing that Joey had to cut up your french toast. Someday (when you live in Arizona) you will have those beautiful wood floors. Because then Steven can help Joey put them in :)

Elaine said...

i'm with ya! carpets feel so yucky and dirty. Especially with kids. Sorry about your arm. :(