What do you think, time for a haircut?
There's the door Mom.
Really, another picture?

Please, I just want out.
Seriously Mom, put that stupid thing down and get me out of here!
He actually wakes up really happy. He was just a little upset that I walked out of the room without him and came back with that *big black thing* and still didn't get him out of his crib. And no, that's not stuck on food on his face, he scratched himself yesterday. I did some nail trimmings today. I know, a little too late....

3 happy thoughts:

Kim said...

He's so cute. Love the hair, wow. I think I may see a little of you in him (very little though)

Laura said...

Look at all that hair!!! So cute!!!

Kathy and Ryan said...

Oh these pictures just made me laugh on a very stressful monday!! too cute!!