and a little bit of pixie dust

October 28th. 2009.
Reganne turned 3.

It was a fun filled day at Pixie Hollow. Reganne loved her *adorable* jammies from Grandma Jean, her new Tinkerbell toys and DVD and of course, her very own Snuggie.
(Don't ask what the girls were posing as in that picture...?)

5 happy thoughts:

Kent and Katie said...

Happy Birthday Reganne!! We love your hat!!! And Emmie loves all of those Tink toys. She is checking out this post with me saying, "mama! That girl like tinkerbell like me!!"

Kathy and Ryan said...

LOL, love the snuggie!! Hilarious.

Kim said...

A snuggie? I would have never guessed that she wanted that. She is SO cute! She is looking so grown up!!! Sweet kiddos! Love the pictures. I wish our kids were growing up together!

The Lepetich Family said...

Oh Kelsey! I can't believe how big and grown up your girls are. They are beautiful!! Her hat is the cutest! I miss you guys tons! When you moving here???

McMom said...

Wow! It seems like Marryn and Cooper were just three. Looks like she had a fun day!